Wonderful Wednesday!

Once again I find myself wide awake on my day off. YARRGHGHHHH!!!!

Oh well. Lets see how much I can get done today. It’s a bit miserable outside but that’s a better way to get things done. I have food shopping to do plenty of reading and reviews to do.

The last few days I’ve hit a low point. It came as a bit of a shock and then I felt like I was a failure and then broke down in tears at work. Go girl!

I had a great couple of hours at book club where I forgot about the world and enjoyed the world of bookworms. It’s worked before, just ask my Sister. she  saw I wasn’t feeling to good and thought it best to go, I told her I needed to and she saw why, and for her to go there not knowing people was a big thing for her but she loved it. Hopefully she’ll find some up north to go to.

I got up this morning with  this cloud hanging over me from yesterday, and I sat here thinking stop being so stupid or you’ll ruin your day off. and you know what? I felt a great weight lift. So, I’m going to do some housework before I go get some food, then it’s down to work.

Life isn’t always as bad as it seems. Trying to hurt someone via text is just cowardly,evil and a form of bullying. My Dad did this yesterday, but not for long.

Don’t let things get to you if people want to communicate via text instead of ringing up that’s their problem. Yes it can hurt, but obviously they have an issue not you.

Have a good Wednesday everyone

Thankyou for reading



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