What a difference a day makes

How funny that I let things get to me and that a quick chat with my sister this morning (got more than she bargained for :D) about Jesus being live and well in Australia with his missus enjoying the surf  see here and then I was trying to sort something out and the customer service was brilliant and it wasn’t as hard as I thought.

My sister thought I was at work and gave me a general quick call after telling me off yesterday for ringing the house phone at the same time yesterday 🙂 She was telling me about a news story she’d seen and then we ended up having a giggle over my accent. God help me when I go up in June for 3 days 😀

Anyway, I feel much better. I have cleaned the house and boy was it mucky. I have got food in, I’ve done a review for book club, sorted out the paperwork into neat piles (not actually gone through it, tisk tisk) and now it’s time to chill watch Herbie goes bananas (original Herbie I might add) and read a book.

I suppose we all have our off days, I just wasn’t prepared for such a biggy. I had been ok up to now. I think things just got a bit much, sometimes a leopard can’t always change it’s spots however much you want it to. So now I have no contact with a certain person which should have happened years ago. Oh well, I suppose it’s never too late for some things.

Top songs for Wednesday

It’s my life -Bon Jovi

The lazy song – Bruno Mars

Place your hands -Reef

Run Baby Run – Sheryl Crow

A girl Like you – Edwyn Collins

The day we caught the train -Ocean Colour Scene

Always the last to know – Del Amitiri

Movin’ on up – Primal Scream

All right now -Free

Don’t you just love technology. I have a Iphone and it won’t completely delete old numbers even after resetting it four times, I can’t select photos in photostream as it decides ‘computer says no’ . And it’s now gone so dark I refuse to put the living room light on as it’s not energy saver yet my stand alone Ikea lamp isn’t sufficient unless it’s really dark. grrrrr

Oh well. technology is mean’t to make our lives better and easier, oh how I laugh. Instead it can create all sorts of panic, like if we don’t answer our mobiles at certain times, panic sets in ‘where are they?’ ‘why aren’t they answering’. Then there’s the self service check outs which just make you look like an idiot when it can’t detect the bag of crisps in the waiting area and the assistant had to come over and swipe the card, huffing and puffing because you disturbed their sleep.  You’ll also notice I have a kindle, I darn’t leave the house with it unless it’s wrapped up in a scarf, and definitely not when it’s raining. I finished my first book on it and it ended so abruptly I was turning it over to see if there was more, sadly there wasn’t and the percentage gage lied!!! Certain books apparently like to add credits so the book finished on 94% not 100% Hence why I like the paperback. I suppose there’s time yet, another 20 books on the kindle to go at sometime. At the moment I have two eBooks to read (almost said ewok) and 6 paperbacks in a fortnight. Good luck with that one carrsy!.  Also technology can be so temperamental, at work it all plays up around 3pm when the school kids come through, coincidence, I think not.

So lessons learn’t  today, people don’t know what’s in your head or how your feeling so you have to tell them and don’t use an excuse for your behaviour was ‘because I was ill’ it’s feeble and doesn’t wash. Also don’t write a list and nearly forget that and a purse. If you do have a bad day and it gets worse rather than better, just ride it through. If all else fails do something you know will make you feel better or if all else fails go for a run or long walk, listen to some music and sing your heart out (sorry neighbours), Talk to a friend or a family member, either on the phone or face-to-face. Appreciate the moment, appreciate what you have or clean. Cleaning is a good therapy. I have never felt so settled in this house as I have done today, perhaps it’s been looking after me.

Thank you for reading



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