‘la la la la la la la I just can’t get you out of my head……’

Lets start with one of my favourite songs…..

I hate bank holidays. To me they seem pointless and knock my week out. It’s been a crap day at work and one customer said to me she would pick up at 5:30. When I told her it was 5pm close, she said ‘it says so on your door’ I replied ‘I know but I’m afraid it’s Bank Holiday and it all closes at 5pm’. It causes all sorts of problems because people forget closing times and everyone wants to go home and enjoy the rest of the day but first they must finish work. And then there’s the change in public transport, however that didn’t affect me after I appeared to have lost my pass.

I decided to walk into work today as it was beautiful and then realised after I had got my peppermint mocha that I had forgot my bus pass and had no money left, so had to walk home and completely forgot it was uphill. How can you forget it’s uphill???


If you can, and don’t live a millions miles away or get the bus, you should either get off a few stops earlier or walk into work, you get to see so much more that you would miss while in a car,bus or train, and because I’m stuck indoors generally for 8 hours, it feels so good to be out in the fresh air. I couldn’t believe how blue the sky was today. Everything seemed so alive.

I thought I’d do this quick blog before I get settled on the sofa and try finish the hound of the baskervilles for tomorrow night. It’s quite a weird experience not being able to turn pages or flick through them, however I can press the button and not have to shift myself every so often to get comfortable. I suppose the kindle has it’s pros and cons. I had to check the omnibus to see how many pages the book was, I know I cheated, but I can’t tell how much percentage is. However I do like the fact you can make notes and there’s a dictionary you can use on any word! just magic. However I will still be carrying the four paperback books to my Mum’s in a couple of weeks in hope of catching up.

and why Mr Orange hasn’t sung before I do not know:

Song is a bit rubbish but video is funny


Thank you for reading



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