‘There are elements that are ridiculous about you…..despite appearances I like you al lot, just as you are’

Procrastination is quite clearly the work of the devil or some mean person. Today I intended to sort out everything, unfortunately I made the mistake of sitting on the steps to enjoy the sun, even though by lunchtime it’s on the other side of the road. Basically my friend’s eldest was out playing with the boys opposite and spotted me on my laptop, I had been out earlier reading and eating breakfast then decided to get on with some work. The boys disappeared and she came to see what I was up to and after a bit of nagging I ended up being dragged out to play. After lunch I decided to try again and she brought round her laptop in which she said ‘Helen, apples are better then acers’. How does she know this???  Don’t worry laptop I still love you. 😦

Anyway after getting bored with that she decided to cut the grass down and then her Mum came to see if she wanted to go to the shops with her and her little sister. She said no and at this point Both ended up staying. Why am I so popular???

So out went my plans and I got a bit of fresh air and exercise and why not on such a lovely day.

I have now been photographing books after seeing an image on the net, and wanted something as a profile picture. The result can be seen above. I now need to make some tea, finish the review I started and get on with some reading as I’m running out of time, hence why I put Bridget Jones on to relax and swoon over Colin Firth.

So lesson learned today, try not to put off important things, but once in a while enjoy the outdoors, it’s very rare we get good weather.

Thank you for reading.



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