Sherlock Holmes – The Best Kept Secret at the West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds.


The leaflet for the show
The leaflet for the show

 The story

‘A richly seductive world of passion, breathless intrigue, jeopardy, deception and revelations…

Two years after the Reichenbach Falls, Sherlock Holmes has lost his hunger. Refusing to take on any new cases, he’s listless, bankrupt and reduced to selling the stories of his past glories. But when his brother Mycroft is arrested for treason, Holmes is jolted back into action, and along with Watson and the mysterious Irene Adler, he must battle powerful, unknown forces in a race to save Mycroft’s life.

With demons of his own to fight, lost in a sea of madness, can Sherlock really save Mycroft from being hanged? Or will the deadly puzzles of the Best Kept Secret be the end of them all?’

‘This spectacular new production is touring the UK prior to the West End starring Jason Durr(Sherlock Holmes), Andrew Hall (Dr Watson), Tanya Franks (Irene Adler), Adrian Lukis (Mycroft Holmes), Victor McGuire (Inspector LeStrade), Andrew Langtree (The Journalist) and Kerry Peers(Mrs Peasgoode), and will draw you deep into a richly seductive world of passion, breathless intrigue, jeopardy, deception and revelations… Will you be able to stand the tension?!

West Yorkshire Playhouse

‘The most infuriating man in London!’

I was given the honour to accompany Niamh (Leeds Book Club- see her review here) to the showing of Sherlock Holmes – The Best Kept Secret at the West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds, and I am so grateful she did. It’s the third time I have been to the Playhouse and yet again they didn’t disappoint. What a show! What a night!

I have to say I was absolutely blown away. scribbling notes down and then just getting completely absorbed in the play I forgot we were actually sitting in the theatre in Leeds.

As we sat awaiting the play to start, we viewed an empty stage and smoke started billowing out slowly creating a very haunting atmosphere. Slowly a boat appears with a woman singing setting scene of what was yet to come.

‘It’s what you don’t say that’s important’.

The scene changes to the inside of Holmes house where we find a distressed retired Holmes and Watson, The main characters were played brilliantly by Jason Durr(Sherlock Holmes), Andrew Hall (Dr Watson), and I think I fell in love with Jason Durr for his part and the fact he was half naked, twice! *faints*

‘We must hurry, there is a thrilling tale to be told!’

Sorry I’ll get back to the important discussion.  We find Watson trying to get Holmes to see sense in taking cases again. Yet we find a man who is quite clearly distressed from the events previous that nothing appears to shake him out of it. Until that is he is told not to investigate his brother’s arrest, and so the adventure begins.

Sherlock Holmes is such a well-known character and his story has been retold time and time again and to create such a piece as this proves that Holmes and his adventures will live on forever. If you are not keen on Sherlock Holmes or the theatre than I recommend, no I urge you to go see this play. Leeds has so much to offer regarding theatre and I wish I had the money to go more often, because theatre gives us another form of story telling which is far better than film or TV and just as good as reading a book. The story comes alive in front of you.

We had amazing seats down near the front and off to the side so we could see everything and also the seamless changing in scenery. Not once did I feel like we were missing anything. I wanted to absorb as much I could, The set design was just amazing, especially Holmes tatty old bookcase, one day I will have one like that!  The best thing about the theatre apart from the story and actors who make it come alive is the scenery. I didn’t expect anything that I saw on Thursday night, for such a small space to be constantly changed, and then plunge us into the cells or the murky streets or the warm cosy living room of 221b Baker Street. The sound effects, the music and special effects were just pure genius. I felt like a little kid again, blown away by the magic of everything.

This story was full of suspense, love, danger and of course comedy. Holmes trying to avoid the Inspector and solve the mystery before him yet again. It will leave you sat going through all emotions possible, with jaw-dropping moments, tears brought to the eyes when you see the relationship between Holmes and his brother. So take a tissue and be ready to laugh and cry and enjoy a fantastic evening. I really wish I could see it again.

To book tickets for West Yorkshire Playhouse can be booked on 0113 213 7700

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