Miss Carr the book addict!!!

I confess! I am a book addict!

There said it! After clearing out 3 bags and taking them down to trinity for there bookcrossing thingy, I felt sad and a sense of relief of shifting stuff that I have held on for so long and not likely to ever read. Plus hopefully it will give the opportunity to other people to read something different. Yes I know I might sound mad giving up books that I haven’t read but it was mentioned at a book club and part of me believes my reading tastes have changed since when I bought them and if I was that bothered I would have read them by now.

I still have about 6 boxes left and my reading list for the next two weeks is 6 books in such a short space of time. I also have reviews to write. All in good time.

I have started reading The Hound of the Baskervilles on my kindle. I was so excited to pick this up after seeing Sherlock’s Secrets and it is book choice for Sharon’s first book club and LBC’s 8th? I am finding it quite exciting. It’s just a bit weird not turning pages and seeing how far you’re getting or be able to flick through the pages. I suppose you can but I’m still learning. I have managed to make notes on the Kindle which is quite exciting.

So while I sit on my shadowy doorstep enjoying the fresh air, I advise everyone to pick up a book and enjoy being immersed in another world.

Thank you for reading



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