Rule #1: The First Rule of Book Club is You Never Talk About Book Club.


A bit hard that one seeing as I never shut up about it. :D. This month it was the first anniversary of me joining Leeds Book club. Again its thanks to Darren for suggesting it and it’s the best thing ever!!! I have never met such a lovely bunch of people who just make you feel welcome and relaxed within a matter of minutes and after a few book clubs feel like a big family!

I loved reading books since a young age. Not always the set texts at school apart from The Silver Sword, one of my favourites and the one that kicked off LBCPuffins,  Mrs Frisby and the Rats of Nimh which is June’s book choice.

I am so lucky to be apart of something so unique, so refreshing. Everyone should read! Even if it’s biography’s, text books, fiction of any kind. Reading books is like marmite even one loves what they read or hate it and that’s ok. That’s what book club is about to find out what others thought and answer any questions that you couldn’t answer yourself. And best bit is if you can’t finish it because it wasn’t your cup of tea, that doesn’t matter, at least you can find out what happened and read a book that you’d prefer.

I started getting back into reading in a big way when I had spare time at work and then travelling on the train. It kicked off with a 30p copy of Pride and Prejudice (I sadly don’t have it any more) but after I read it it stayed with me. I then visited charity shops more like I did when I was a wee child and the library. Everyone should use the library!!!! Everyone should pass on books they loved to others, and everyone you should use charity shops and second-hand books. They’re just amazing, especially in Hay-On-Wye.

Anyway the reason for this piece is that I have been given the privilege of running one of Niamh’s book clubs, the one that was indirectly started by me. Also I am now her sidekick, minion, not-quite-sure-helper. And what a privilege!!!!

So is being able to run a book club for the local radio and spread the love of reading and the value of books to the community in which I live.

In this last year I have achieved so much and gained so much including a Kindle, which I still think is just magic, and the tons of books in my attic will never lower as long as there are bookshops. My kindle is filling up nicely to.

I just need to learn to read quicker but not lose the joy and absorb the story, so any tips would be much appreciated.

So to end, I big thanks to my Mum for starting my love of reading. To Darren for suggesting book club and my Kindle. to Nicola at South Leeds Community Radio for starting another book club and lastly to Niamh, another person to have faith in me and let me share a part of her amazing project. I feel slightly humbled.

Thank you for reading.



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