Living on my own

‘Sometimes I feel I’m gonna break down and cry, so lonely Nowhere to go, nothing to do with my time I get lonely, so lonely, living on my own.

Sometimes I feel I’m always walking too fast  And everything is coming down on me down on me  I go crazy oh so crazy living on my own’

Living on my own – Queen


‘Live your #dream and wear your #passion because today you’re as old as you have ever been and as young as you will ever be…’

‘The past is dead. We can’t change it so why beat ourselves up over it? This Flowing Moment, As You Read, Is The Only Place We Can Exist!’

‘Kind, good hearted common sense is hard to beat! ;D)’

‘To love someone is nothing, to be loved by someone is something, to love someone who loves you is everything.’

‘People who are good at helping others with their issues usually have a problem following their own advice.’

“Remember happiness doesn’t depend upon who you are or what you have; it depends solely on what you think” 

“Don’t run away from a challenge. Instead run toward it cause the only way to escape fear is to trample it beneath your feet” Nadia Comaneci

The world is an enigma, a harmless enigma made terrible by our own mad attempt to interpret it as though it had an underlying truth.U. Eco

Things are rarely, if ever, what they seem. We each stand where no one else can stand, & each has a unique view, if only ever so slightly.’

from @CharlesMunn1 Twitter feed


Can’t stop listening to FUN or the song Nate did with Pink! so beautiful!


The name is Carr (That’s c.a double rr) and chaos is the game (but not on purpose) 


So it’s the end of another week. I have bought some more paperback books, *slaps wrists* I have a list as long as my arm for my kindle and neither of this is good or helping me get through my challenge I set myself. I need to go through the boxes upstairs and really think am I going to read any of them at all or again. I asked during the week on Twitter is there a way to read quicker but still absorb the story and got no response. Today my friend showed me how to skim read and is looking for other tips on the net. Thanks Jenny. X 😀

The reason I’m asking is because I feel like I’m a slow reader, not helped by my busy days at work and not being able to filter things out on an evening. I really should start up my journal again and watch less TV. That at the moment is helped by a squealing TV when it’s telling me it doesn’t want to play.

I absolutely love reading, I love books but every so often I fall out of it and it really annoys me. I’m now helping run two book clubs and would like to set myself homework to make sure I know what to ask and what subjects to cover, but again I leave it to the last minute and let myself down.


Life is a funny thing. I truly believe in the saying ‘You don’t know what you have until it’s gone’. After feeling like I lost everything almost 3 years ago and then again last year, for it to happen a third time, I had to put a stop to it. For my own sake more than anything. We are truly are own worst enemies. What goes on in our own ends can be so destructive I never believed it possible.

Chat over food. 😀

I was speaking to a friend last night whilst eating a huge amount of KFC and said it’s the first time in ages I’ve felt like I’m finally settled. Unfortunately I can barely afford where I live but it’s such a hassle to move, especially since I have my own furniture and right now I just do not have the energy or will power to pack everything up. I’m enjoying what’s happening at the moment with work and the radio station and book club. I just want to enjoy everything while I can and if it gets desperate than I will reconsider.

This is where I found the coffee 😛

I must remember when tired or stressed or doing three things at once to make a list. Yesterday I put the coffee in the fridge without realising it and today I put the store key in a completely random place that it took me most the day to find it after tipping everything out of the cupboard. My memory also goes to but I think that’s partly due to not eating properly again, lately, as it’s so easy to just put a nuked non nutritional meal in for 5 mins and ping! it’s done, and yes sometimes it doesn’t taste amazing but at least I’m eating something. I must start cooking and freezing meals again. I just feel so tired with the weather keep changing. Living on your own can be pants, rubbish, lonely, hard work  expensive, or very expensive and boring! However, as it appears I have turned into the teenager I never was, I can leave a trail of clothes on the floor, leave the washing up to pile up, listen and watch what I want when I want. I just don;t know what I want any more  😀 So enjoy your weekend, I will be entertaining a 6 and 4 year old and then going to book club if I’ve survived. I’m kidding of course, I’ll be fine to go to book club. 😀 x

Oh and one last thought, why is it so important to update your relationship status on FB? I know I post a heck of a lot on there, but apparently today’s society feel like it’s so important to have so many friends and post things instead of texting or ringing or talking to the person in person. I had a dream the other night about dropping my phone in water and then it being dry. Apparently it mean;t I was finding hard to communicate something, not sure what, but I know I need to talk to my Mum soon and I haven’t spoken to my friend Rachel in ages! need a good catch up. So much to tell!!!

Anyway, I’m now off to clean up and then read a book.

Thank you for reading



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