2013. A year for anniversaries.

Life is a roller-coaster, It’s a saying and a song, right? Well it certainly has been for me the last few years.

The book I didn’t get to finish

Yesterday was book club at White swan. It marked the first anniversary of me joining the club and I have loved every minute. I may have been over giddy, and plus I let myself down by not ding my homework. Due to so many things colliding together I just couldn’t find the time or concentration to read it. I Loved what I had read but last week was so intense I just couldn’t pick up any book to read. I hate it when that happens. However as it’s fitting to be the first year I am doing the write-up for this one I just have to try finish my homework this week, as I’m at a meeting with book club tomorrow and Wednesday. Exciting times!!!!

Also it was the Leeds half-marathon, my friend Caroline was running it and I said I would go down to cheer her on. I had walked into town and when I saw the start and everyone setting up, I felt a pang of sadness, I wanted to be doing it, but can’t because I have been too lazy to fix my knee. Caroline is an amazing person, I met her at a photography studio where we both worked and I am the first to admit we both clashed or it may have been me, not sure. Anyway, she has been through a similar experience to me and is finally coming through the other end.  Although I think she has done a far better job than me. Yesterday Caroline achieved her Personal Best by shaving 15 mins off her time coming in on 2 hours. Sadly due to me flapping me home made sign about we didn’t get a good shot of her coming in, I hope she is in a paper somewhere or has a good photo on the marathon website. This lovely lady is such an inspiration see her bog here

I wrote in the last blog about the ‘little Helen’ being scared about stuff. In recent months and years I have gone up and down like a yo-yo and almost coming close to the string snapping on me twice and just giving up. I feel like I’ve lost everything twice over and now or the third attempt of trying to put things right, to put my life in some sort of order I think it’s working. Well, in ‘Helen’ fashion. The hard way and the one that takes the scenic route. But hey I feel so much better I just query everything now.

The one thing everyone kept telling me was that I was a lovely person that I was bright, intelligent and should have more faith in myself and stop making life so hard. I never listened. That was until I felt like I nearly lost everything and was going to flee up to my Mum’s. That would have been the worst thing ever (nothing against you Mum). So what stopped me?. A lot of things really. The few friends who had stuck by me and I think in a way forgave me without telling me. The fact that the life I have built for myself (with help of others) is something I wish I had 10 years ago. But hey, I’m slow on the uptake remember!!! 😀

If I moved back home I would have been giving up a job that I love and I am good at. I missed not being at work last week, it’s my second home and the people who work there make it what it is.

I also would be giving up on a lovely city, a fantastic pub my fourth home! and of course bookclub! both the Leeds one run by Niamh and The radio one by Nicola. I am astounded at what I have achieved and the faith these two lovely ladies have in me, So thank you.

Now I need to get on with The Enid Blyton challenge, along with finishing last nights book and to choose some of my own, unfortunatly like my paperbooks my knidle books are piling up and I somehow need to find the time and skill to read quicker!!! Come on brain help me out!!! Oh and think of ideas for tomorrow night along with updating the radio blog, and thinking about what changes/promotions I can do for work to keep things fresh. Life is steadily getting better and better, I just lack money (seems to be everything in this world) and faith in myself, but I’m getting there, slowly but surely 😀

Oh and I learn’t what an earworm was, it’s not medical or disgusting, phew! read this

Enjoy the rest of your Monday

Thank you for reading



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