‘Tragedy! when the feelings gone and you can’t go on……. it’s big fish, small fish, cardboard box!’

Life is good. Life is great. It could be Fantastic but I’m getting there. I’ve just pulled off an 11 hour shift. The bosses came in for a visit in the middle of the chaos and the point where I had hit a brick wall. I hate the wall. Hence why I dropped hints for a coffee and then BANG! caffeine hit me and I was off again.

Basically it’s t-shirt season and everyone and anyone wants t-shirts. Being near the heat press when it’s getting warmer outside is not a good idea. the heat sends you a bit doo-lally. I am so glad for my new work colleague. Little Shannon is only 17 but she puts in the hard work like our Jenny, The Saturday girl. We now have a strong team at work and I’m loving it.

Although I doubt Shannon liked my taste in song or dancing. it was Steps by Tragedy and I was doing some whacky dances while she pressed t-shirts and I tried to put things back into some order. Tomorrow we have to start all over again, I learned some lessons today and was asked once again about my love life. It’s non existant. I don’t want one I don’t need one. I don’t want the responsibility of other people’s emotions and I’m not ready to be hurt again, not saying I will, I just can’t go through anything not working out.

Like I said before the important things in my life is work, book club, radio and spending time with friends and family. Hope you all had a good Wednesday.


Oh and I hope to see this soon 🙂 Enid Blyton exhibition

Thank you for reading



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