Something From The Weekend.

My little sister wrote this truly amazing piece. had me in tears. Love you loads xxx

Lofty is as Lofty does!


It’s been weeks since my dad finally moved out. Last year he decided he was moving out (although we’d heard it all before) and it’d been dragging on for months,but eventually he left. Now that he has gone it’s just me and Mum. This past weekend was the first time my sister has been home since then. It’s also the first time she has been able to come home and be herself without there being any tension or something kicking off. 

My sister’s great, she’s a mini tornado of bustling energy and ideas and for some reason my dad’s always had it in for her. Since he’s gone, I’ve heard from him about twice. Mum’s had calls and a few texts but it’s all been about him and he never asks about her or lets her get a word in. He’s sent nasty emails to Helen and won’t leave her…

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