To kindle or not to kindle, that is the question? The answer? TO KINDLE!!!!

I have crossed over to the darkside!!! eeekkkss!!!! How and why you ask???

Well there is a fairy godmother, book fairy or something that heard my wishes or read my blog and perhaps got fed-up of me harping on, I’m not sure.

I’ve wanted one since last year but not had the money or the will to save or the fact that I felt that I was betraying the paperback that I couldn’t do it.

On Saturday I was asked when I started working in my job as it has been 5 years. 5 years!!!! omg! I started in June and I can remember when it all began but it doesn’t seem that long. I’ll get back to that in a minute. But basically I got a knock on my door on Saturday night and Darren came in and I thought he was going to give me some clothes and stuff for work. He told me to hold out my hands and keep my eyes shut. Last time he did this it was a Colin Firth coaster and keyring, much to my delight and then the time after that it was actually something for work.

Anyway he placed a kindle along with a case in my hands, it actually took me a moment to realise what it was then I couldn’t stop babbling and then the tears started, then I hugged him (he doesn’t do hugs :D).

This is the best thing anyone has done for me in ages and as you can gather from the blog I’ve been on a roller-coaster of emotions and one of the many people who have stuck with me regardless has been Darren .

He means so much to me that he along with my Mum are the two people I can’t tell who what I’m truly feeling for fear of failing them. When things went wrong with the ex, I had to email him, with my Mum I talk to Jane until I feel strong enough. Mum understands this.

Darren has done so much for me. He provided me with a job, we started ona small kiosk and now have a massive stand which I run and have done for the last 4 years. He helped me move, twice. Introduced me to new music. He introduced me to the books of John Connolly and I got two books signed for him one for his birthday which I sent away and another I took with me to harrogate. He also got me running. I was rubbish at school and now have 4-10ks under my belt and 3 medals and four t-shirts to prove it 🙂

Darren also encouraged me to restart driving lessons and in the end I passed first time. He also is the one who got me into bookclubs. I looked some up and the one that I have fell in love with is The Leeds Book Club which I now go to three of and in May it will be a year at The White Swan.

So in a way this is a big thank you to Darren. He is my hero, He is an amazing person. He has the patience of a saint and he makes me laugh. He has built up a business and I hope that we can have plenty more years of getting the company bigger and better. I really don’t know where I would be without my friends and family. Especially Darren. so thank you. I really do mean it from the bottom of my heart. x

Back to the kindle. It’s amazing little gadget. The first book I downloaded was Pride and Prejudice. One of my favourites. Love it. Doubt I’ll put To Kill a Mocking Bird on there, might leave that in paper form. I didn’t realise it did pictures to, and was blown away to see the map from Chris Nickson’s The Broken Token. How amazing is that?? I also have my favourite John Connolly book, The Book of Lost things so I don’t have to keep digging out my signed copy. 😀

I found it really bizarre that I have to press a button to turn the page, I think I managed to work out how to highlight things, makes notes, weird keyboard thingy pops up. I just can;t wait until I’m on the train ‘oop north’ at the weekend when I can test it out, granted I’m taking paperbacks to, so much to read but I’ll doubt I’ll have time. but we’ll see.

It also means it may make it easier to get books for book club, although I will still try to use the library as much as possible, but I can now even use their ebook service. Fancy that!!!!

So message from this blog, hardwork pays off. and sometimes you really don’t know what you do for someone can mean to them.

So work hard smile loads. and if you get stressed….count to 10 and breath and take a break. I’ve done that a lot lately

Thank you for reading it’s now time to read a book, now in which format do I choose????


P.S. forgot to mention, I met Darren in a photography studio when our manager had left and he was running to. He came in and was taking over the viewings, much to my relief and was at that point I think starting up the company, He ran it from his home and then hired a small unit. A few weeks later after getting told I was unprofessional by the company even though I had run the studio single-handed for two weeks I quit to. Except for the second time I had no job. I went up north and thought about work up there but mostly to get a break. I then got a call to ask if I wanted to do a few hours and then it took off from there. Darren then designed and had the stand we’re in now. It’s as much a part of me as I am of it, and I’m so grateful for such an opportunity. Darren is one of my inspirations and I owe him so much.


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