“This has been Bridget Jones for Sit Up Britain.” – Bridget

“Inspiration is always the beginning of the process and being able to use a creative eye sometimes just means learning how to look.”

“You have the power to make people around you feel good. How do some people just not get that their behaviour matters?”-Abi @SewYou on Twitter

“Never give my sister fizzy pop or coffee, it doesn’t end well.” @minionsinmyhead

“May Day! May Day! Leeds Inspired SOS! Add your May Day Weekend events to the website immediately! Neee naaw! neee naaw! *blue flashing ligh” @Leedsinspired

Response to the disgust at yet another poundshop in Leeds:

Me: Seriously Leeds??? Another pound shop??? what about a book shop or a lot of smaller shops in one????

Ste: You could open a bookshop with a difference. “Carr’s book emporium” could serve 47 different varieties of cake (including stottie) and offer a free coffee for anyone who recites their favourite passage on a small stage. Ice cream would also be there but I haven’t worked out in what capacity yet but give me time


The day after the night before…..

I can highly recommend books. Reading them, discussing them, sharing them…. at home, with friends at book club or like last night at World Book Night in The White Swan in Leeds (My favourite pub ever!!!!)

Over a year ago Darren (my very good friend and Boss) suggested that I go to book clubs, I liked reading and wanted to talk about them and it’s a good chance to meet people. I found one at central library and started going but then in  April last year I found out about world book night at The White Swan. What a brilliant night fantastic group of people and CAKE!

I came away with 6 or 8 books can’t remember now. But this is where it all began for me. I noticed on the board behind the notice for Leeds Book Club event in May. I tried to read the book but it was so bizarre. Anyway I went, really nervous and awaited to see who would turn up. From that day Niamh who runs it set up  3 others along with the 4-5 already runnning and has had me doing an Enid Blyton challenge which I somehow set myself. I have also done a few book reviews for the site to. Me reviewing books *faints*

So much has happened in the last few years, I’m beginnig to think I should have left my ex sooner. Far better off now then I wqs then. I never knew I had this talent to write and book club is brilliant for discussuions and reminishing about Sunset Beach (only happeende once because of me and a book that was really strange) Book club seems to be about cake, discussions and a good laugh. You can meet some amazing people and you get tor ead stuff that you would never think to read. Bloody brilliant!!!!

So back to last night. I applied to be a giver as a way to say thank you to World Book Club for finding Leeds Book Club. it was a good omen and I thank you. I get to meet a great bunch of people every month and it’s my mediceine when things are going wrong/bad or feeling low just because I’m female.


Hence why I think I fell into running a book club for South Leeds Community Radio.

I did a writing course after seeing it on Twitter and did my usual and babbled on about book club, photography and everything I liked and then not soon after that got asked to help run a book club. We had our first this month and was aired last night and again Saturday I believe  I listened to it and hop I don;t offend anyone and what I found strange was listening to myself talk. Because we hear ourselves differently to others, I don;t think I have an accent, apparently I have multiples. I’ve noticed it’s gone back to the Durham accent but mainly because people keep pointing out the number ‘eeeiiighhhttt’

I have set a blog up which is a work in process see here

I have done loads of stuff recently and Nicola threw me right in the deep end last night and had me interviewing people. I’m sorry Nicola for getting giddy. Major adrenalin rush, and I never thought I’d enjoy interviewing people especially when I hasn’t done my homework.

So before i give any more away as that’s for the radio blog, Big thanks to the three Kirsty’s, Nicola, Liam,Phil,Mike, Alison and anyone else I interviewed and thanks for the free books and cakes.

Thank you for reading



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