is it too early for bed yet???

I hate Monday’s, I hate the fact that I’m led to believe Monday’s a re bad when Monday’s are a start of a new week, a fresh beginning. But it always feels/seems to take longer to get going. and even the coffee didn’t help much this morning. Yesterday’s antics of running up and down the stairs after a 6 year old really took it’s toll on this old-unfit body. But hey it was fun.

So, tomorrow night is World Book Night, it’s a year since I went to the one at The White Swan pub in Leeds, one of the first times adventuring out on my own and found some fantastic people, cake and FREE BOOKS!!! To return the favour I opted for World Book Night Giver and will be giving away The Reader along with other fellow book clubbers and peeps. hopefully the radio station will be there to and The book club we did will be aired along with the Chris Nickson event as well, love to hear it again. Oh and apparently there will be lots of activities and cake at the pub! I LOVE CAKE. Book club and cake go so well together.

So what I have I learn’t. That you have to accept that you can’t have what others have unless you work for it. Nobody can love you unless you love yourself for who you are and are happy with who you are. Someone said to day, that if I’m not smiling then there’s something wrong. Sometimes it’s because I haven’t eaten or got myself completely stressed but these days I’m glad to say it doesn’t last long. I just should rememebr to take my own advice (scoffs)

At the weekend I’m off up north. I need to see my Mum. You’re never to old to need your Mum. I need some good food again. I’m apparently going out on the Saturday night as well. Not sure what it’s about but may have a drink. So to a busy week and a long weekend.

Thank you for reading


beautiful evening
beautiful evening
small bags at tesco
small bags at tesco

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