Life’s too short too think and be a worry wart. So Keep calm and read a book

What a week. where is this year going? I feel so old and time is slipping away when I feel like I’m only just getting started. I feel so alive. Never have I felt like this. Whoever set me free, thank you. I needed it.

Next month is a year of being a part of Leeds Book Club, the best thing since sliced cake. I also think it’s about 6 months since I started things off with the radio station, 6 months for this blog and for another  anniversary, this one I didn’t realise until I was told on yesterday. It’s 5 years in my job. 5 years!!! where has the time gone???? I looked in my diary and I apparently it’s in June but that doesn’t matter, another milestone!!!! I have achieved so much in the last three years.

* Passed my driving test first time two years ago

* Did a writing course and started a blog

* Went to a bookclub on advice from a friend (my hero)

* Started running and have done 4-10ks, hopefully 5th in 3 months time (same friend as above)

* survived (very badly) on my own for 2.5 years (could have done a better job)

* Been to the cinema on my own

I’m sure there is more good things as well as the bad like cutting myself off from everyone and nearly losing everything. I have lost some friendships. I did what a family member did and treated some people badly I also got so wound up in over thinking and fixating on the negative and not believing in the positive as that’s always been my track record and thinking that to be happy you had to have and spend money. WRONG!!!

What you need is the good company of others, cake, coffee or tea and a good chinwag, film, meal, book club discussion. Read a book, go for a walk or run. If you do have to spend money it doesn’t have to cost the earth. My sister and I went bowling the other week, it cost £20. I thought this was cheap and we had a great time.

So lesson learnt. We don’t have to have everything, everyone else has. We get back what we put in to life. Sometimes hard work pays off. But you must remember however which way your life goes the choices have been made by you and no one else. it’s no good doing what I have (taught by someone subconsciously) to blame everyone else for your mistakes for your problems for the fact your life is shit. Everyone is the same but different, and you will never, however hard you try to understand what a person is going through, but someone will always be worse off. Just be grateful for what you have. Your health, the love of your friends and family and embrace life. Because wishing for what others have and being jealous of that will only destroy you. If you want it that bad, work for it. That’s what I’ve learn’t. nothing comes easy and nothing is handed to you on a plate.

Life is too short. Tell people how much you love them and don’t be ashamed to tell them when you’re in trouble, however much you feel ashamed or a failure. After all we’re only human. Human’s make mistakes. It;s the best ones that learn from them.

Thank you for reading.


p.s. my sister started a series of ‘Kermit’s adventures’ here’s my mini version 🙂


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