Full moon and hormone havoc…..

….found out a possible reason for why I might have been over sensitive to things yesterday, although it wasn’t just me who noticed everyone acting strange. This is likely to be too much info but the painkillers for my knee have ‘knocked’ or had an effect on my ‘pill’ and now my back is killing and I’m suffering from women’s problems. I have got home tonight and eaten a shed load of food. Generally I either get really hungry or just feel sick and eat nothing. Yes everyone goes through this, but I’ve never had a good relationship with my hormones. At school before mobile phones (not sure if I mentioned this) Mum was out shopping and I ended up in the nurses room asleep with a hot water bottle because I couldn’t bear the pain any more. I have tried all sorts of  treatments, and it is only now with exercise and this pill that I’ve been pain free for nearly two years. only problem is I don’t see the warning signs for pmt until it’s too late, and I’ve fell too pieces by then. But it doesn’t last as long as it used to, which is a good thing.

I think that’s why I slept so well last night, plus it’s getting warmer, thank god.

It’s also probably why I’ve wanted to clean everything in the last few days. Tomorrow I’m tackling the house. haven’t done any cleaning for a while. I just pile everything in the sink and leave it and just leave stuff on the floor rather than put it away.

I also hope to enjoy a bit of the sunshine, have a bit of me time. I have realised that I need to take care of myself as stressing out over work, money, jury duty and trying to move house has just left me worn out physically and mentally. I can’t believe that one person can’t find a small flat or a room to rent without being penalised. If you go into a houseshare, and a room is empty you have to cover that rent. surely it’s down to the landlord to find someone else and cover that??? All I want to do is just have a room and have all bills come out in one go and have some money left over to have some fun, nice clothes and not worry about buying smartprice food. 😦 wishful thinking.

So to end the week, which was pretty fun. I must remember to get the bacon out for breakfast.

One last thing. I hate, absolutely hate April Fool’s Day. My Dad did it every year and sometimes it just wasn’t funny. To me it’s like that bully you had at school, I dread those hours until 12pm, and then sigh a huge sigh of relief. This year I got away with it. Although my sister made me believe the next day that Holby City was cancelled. I was mortified. Only to find out it wasn’t true. Phew!

Thank you for reading xxx


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