129 cambridge Road

First place from home.
First place from home.

I found this on Rightmove, can’t believe it’s same place. There’s no sign of the dark orange walls or the tatty blue couch or the battered washing machine or mucky blue carpet that I was convinced was held together with mould.

It was back in 1999 that I first left home. I had not done well at school, well I had done better than expected but wasn’t expected to go far by my teachers. I went on to do two GNVQs at Bishop Auckland college, again having problems, this time with teachers holding me back. I was given the option to go on to further education and choices I remember were Lincoln, Edinburgh and Middlesbrough. Why these places I don’t know. The first two were too far from home and when I went for the interview for this one he was the most enthusiastic teacher ever. So I took it.

As regards viewing houses, I can’t remember if I did or not or whether it was last minute and was given this place. You see the hedge on the right? I ended up in that one night. Think it was one of the  first night out past 1am. before I left home Carly and I were always back by midnight as her Mum used to come and collect us. When I moved here we were a stones throw from the town centre and a long pub crawl and of course Liquid nightclub where all drinks (think it was VKs at the time) were a £1 a time.

The reason I fell into the hedge was because I had way too much too drink, probably not enough to eat and was the first time I had been out all night, therefore I fell asleep in the nightclub, and my friends got told to ‘wake me up or get me out’ they had to get me out. one on each arm and into a taxi. We got back and someone couldn’t get the key in the door. Still holding me up one of them said, can you stand while we help him. I apparently said yes and went sideways into the hedge.

I have always been a lightweight, apparently take after my brother. When I started going out with friends at college before I left home, My Mum had to tell my Dad I was drinking ‘orange juice with a little bit of alcohol’. He even believed that when I had a first encounter with too much vodka and was throwing up all the way home and was found in the morning on the sofa with a bucket next to me. nice. 🙂

It wasn’t until 3 years later when I came home from Middlesbrough and had gone out the night before, this time too much cider. My cousin had turned up to see my Dad and was taking the michael out of me. Without thinking I was telling him what had happened and how college was going and there stood my Dad with his jaw to the ground. 😀 it was my proudest moment. That along with previous to that I had tried to get the key in the door one night when drunk and couldn’t. Next thing I knew the door flew open and I fell in. My Dad muttered something and I went to sleep on the sofa, again. Next morning Mum said ‘Your Dad isn’t very pleased with you, said you came in pissed as a newt trying to get through the letterbox’  Sorry for the swearing. I never asked if he’d seen a drunk newt.

Anyway I’m off track, back to Middlesbrough. Some of it I regret, I didn’t keep in touch with Carly or home enough. I took on too much working at the corner shop two hours every morning before college. Although I loved that job, I once had to give a description to the police of a few stolen teddy bears and an Easter egg. don’t ask. I also served the guy who played Colin from Brittas empire once.

All the house-mates when to an all you can eat Chinese buffet where two of the lads had starved themselves so they could eat more, i ahd been working I think and had eaten, I went on to eat two starters, three main courses and two bowls of icecream getting either giddy or tipsy on the rum icecream. 🙂

I went out with a lovely lad who made me laugh.

apparently my catch phrase then was ‘I can’t be chewed’ completely forgot about that. 🙂

I saw Chesney Hawkes play at the Uni and he nearly got lynched because everyone wanted to hear the one song he is famous for.

I had my first and last donor kebab. think it had chilli sauce on it.

We went to Tall Trees in Yarm, my brother and his friend came to. The club had cling film on the toilet seats and they revolved!!! Oh and before we going made a cocktail of 11 drinks I think it was and large chunks of fruit. got very messy I believe. 🙂

In 129, we had an old washing machine, that used to bounce across the room. If you were in the shower and the taps were turned on in turned into a small steaming hot trickle which hurt. There was a war on washing up at one point where I had enough of not getting to the sink so started to bleach some stuff and binned the rest, they soon decided to wash up then. The week we were leaving the landlord took out the living room window and replaced the sofa, then replaced the window.

I could go on and on but some stories I can’t tell. I know I met a great bunch of people, nearly all I have lost contact with for one reason or another.  I was on a graphics course where I ended up being the only female, but got distinctions in business and my dissertation and a merit for my designs. If anything it was a good learning curve and if I were to do it again I would certainly tell my young self to budget better and make sure you eat more before drinking. 🙂

I spent the summer of that year in Norwich where I met my good friend Rachel, before I came to Leeds and this is where I stayed and most of that you know by now. 🙂 I did however spend two weeks in Middlesbrough training for my job at Olan Mills and I must say it was a bit surreal to go back. Such fond memories yet such sad ones to.

Thank you for reading



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