Face like a melted welly

After a long week and it’s only Wednesday here’s a bit more cheery blog 😀

I learn’t something new today. At work someone said to his colleague, ‘what’s up? you have a face like a melted welly!’ I started laughing ad asked what did he mean. He said all wrinkly and miserable.


From Urban Dictionary

1.         Melted Welly

Do have dubious facial qualities. To be ugly.”You see that Pink? She’s got a face like a melted welly”

2.         Melted Welly    When a persons face resembles a melted wellington boot.

tomo’s face is like a melted welly

So I’ve been looking up other sayings to do with the face, and here goes

A baby face

A face in the crowd

A face like a bulldog chewing a wasp

A face like a fiddle

A face like an unmade bed

A face like the back of a bus

A face like thunder

A face that could stop a clock

A face that only a mother could love

Let’s face the music and dance

Not just a pretty face

Off your face

Plain as the nose on your face

Put a brave face on

The face that launched a thousand ships – Helen of Troy – Greek Myth???

All courtesy of www.phrases.org.uk

And of course these from British Proverbs site

‘Keep your pecker up’
Remain cheerful – keep your head held high.
‘Big girl’s blouse’
A weakling; an ineffectual person.

‘Burning the Candle at Both Ends’
Working for many hours without getting enough rest

‘Eyes are bigger than your belly’
Think you can eat more than you can
‘My eyes were bigger than my belly, I couldn’t eat every thing I had put on my plate’

‘Sleep Tight’
Have a good nights sleep

‘Gordon Bennett’
An exclamation of surprise

‘Stone the crows’
An exclamation of annoyance.
‘Tie the Knot’
Get Married

‘Talk the hind legs off a donkey’
A person who is excessively or extremely talkative can talk the hind legs off a donkey.
‘I’ll put the Kettle on’
Let me make you a cup of tea
‘Do you want a brew?’
Do you want some tea?

‘Leg it’
Run extremely fast

‘As queer as a nine bob note’
Odd or unusual

‘Popped his/her cloggs’
He/she has passed awat (died)
British Proverbs

‘Every cloud has a silver lining’
There’s always something good in bad times.

‘A stitch in time saves nine’
Act early and you can save a lot of time.

‘Nothing ventured nothing gained’
You have to try or you won’t get anything.

‘Out of the frying pan into the fire’
From one problem to another.

‘One man’s meat is another man’s poison’
People often don’t like the same things.

‘Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth’
Don’t question good luck.

‘You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink’
You can give a person a chance, but you can’t make him or her take it.

‘The grass is always greener on the other side’
You always think that other peoples lives are better than yours.

‘The best things in life are free’
We don’t have to pay for the things that are really valuable, like love, friendship, good health etc.

‘Don’t cross your bridges before you come to them’
Don’t worry about problems before they arrive.

‘It was the last straw that broke the camel’s back’
There is a limit to everything. We can load the camel with lots of straw, but finally it will be too much and the camel’s back will break. And it is only a single straw that breaks its back – the last straw.

This can be applied to many things in life. People often say “That’s the last straw!” when they will not accept any more of something.

‘Where there’s a will there’s a way’
If we have the determination to do something, we can always find the path or method to do it.

‘Marry in haste, and repent at leisure’
If we get married quickly, without thinking carefully, we may be sorry later. And we will have plenty of time to be sorry.

‘The best advice is found on the pillow’
If we have a problem, we may find the answer after a good night’s sleep.

People also say: “I’ll sleep on it.”

‘You can’t judge a book by its cover’
We need to read a book to know if it’s good or bad. We cannot know what it’s like just by looking at the front or back cover. This proverb is applied to everything, not only books.

‘Bad news travels fast’
‘Bad news’ means news about ‘bad’ things like accidents, death, illness etc. People tend to tell this type of news quickly. But ‘good news’ (passing an exam, winning some money, getting a job etc) travels more slowly.

‘Birds of a feather flock together’
Birds of a feather means birds of the same type. The whole proverb means that people of the same type or sort stay together. They don’t mix with people of another type

‘Live and let live’
This proverb suggest that we should not interfere in other people’s business. We should live our own lives and let others live their lives.

‘The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’
Many women have won a man’s love by cooking delicious meals for him. They fed his stomach and found love in his heart.

‘Better untaught than ill taught.’
This proverb drops the verb “to be”. But we understand: “It is better not to be taught at all than to be taught badly.” It’s better not to learn something than to learn it badly.

‘Soon learnt, soon forgotten’
Something that is easy to learn is easy to forget.

sayings are funny things. I seem to keep saying ‘okey cakey’ at the moment. Then there’s how people greet each other ‘Hi, you alreet?’ so I’ve collected a few in this mini gallery

If you have any more let me know.

Thank you for reading.



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