beep! beep! beep! unexpected item in the bagging area ! beep! beep! item not recognised

As a bit of a joke, and to add to my collection, I put my name on the cup 🙂

Today is my day off. Had lots planned. Did lots of washing cleaned the bathroom and kitchen and hoovered. Tried to sort a problem with my tax, Took 3 attempts 20menus to get through to anyone for them to say ‘You need to put it in writing’. What a load of bo*l%&ks!

What do they pay them for? to be a complaints line? and why is it they want things asap but if it’s reversed you have to wait weeks or even years. This country is bonkers!

You spend ages on the phone for it to explain you a load of twaddle and if you need help, tough you have to look online. Same goes for chuffing self service tills in Supermarkets. Supposed to save you time . There’s an article here on them from the Telegraph.

Instead they are frustrating, slow, sometimes the basket to the bag is miles away. It won’t accept bags of crisps as it’s to light so you need help to stop the flashing light. You can only get 10 items in and if it’s bulky you’re screwed. And then when you’re finished and you use cash be aware of it spitting coins left right and centre at them. I hate them. Especially when something goes wrong and the spinning light at the top makes you feel like it’s going ‘problem here! help this idiot’ and then over comes the assistant and swipes the card while looking down their nose at you because they have the power of the card. 😦

what would you prefer? the coldness of the machine or the chat with the till person?

Oh and another thing, why do you get the Spanish inquisition off the receptionist at the doctor, which then ends up making you feel that you shouldn’t have bothered to try get better??? I went his morning to try get another appointment with the physio via the doctor because the physio wouldn’t answer the phone or letters and I can’t get an appointment until a week today as it’s not classed as an emergency. Should I have said my leg was almost dropping off???

So today I went to look at a house. It was perfect. the room was enormous, there was a cellar for storage so no need for a self storage unit. and the kitchen would be perfect for baking. I emailed the estate agents ahead of time and asked about fees upfront. ‘it’s £120’ Perhaps should have realised this was to good to be true. I went up and discussed the problem of not being able to move until mid April as I need to sell all my furniture and give a months notice. They said there was a bind to pay (not mentioned) plus two months rent. totalling up to £700 in one go. Ouch!

I feel time is running out and I just want to get out of here and this place was ideal. Why does living have to be so expensive???

Not sure about the fringe.

I left and felt so disappointed with the whole thing, nearly forgetting I had booked a haircut. I am always nervous about my hair being cut, especially my fringe, it always springs back when they cut it, so take just a little too much off and it sticks up like Mr Majeika, well not quite. I always thought it was a tv series but apparently it’s a book. Another suggestion for LBC Puffins perhaps???

Stanley Baxter as Mr Majeika

My hair doesn’t feel much different, perhaps enough wasn;t trimmed off or it might be the amount of extra gunk she put on afterwards called ‘treatment’. We’ll have to see tomorrow when I wash it again.

finally, a classic at £1.99

Finally I come home, decided to have a bath. First one in months as boiler has been dodgy and boy was it nice. I am almost ready for bed I am that tired.


Teatime TV. I always have the TV on in the background, bad idea as it’s a massive distraction, helping me avoid doing the jobs I need to. I always try to catch the Chase on itv to try see the one called Mark and nearly always get the woman. Tonight he was on but he lost, poor thing. He’s a bit of phwoar though.


Finally before I go set the microwave off for tea, and settle down to read a book, The Silver Sword, I just want to say how bonkers Most Haunted is. I mentioned it before and tonight is another classic, sadly no Dereck but Yvette is telling the ghosts off as if they are naughty school boys.

Thank you for reading



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