‘I am the one and only oh yea’

So yesterday’s blog was quite deep and meaningful. Today, I struggled, I was tired, too much keeps going round in my head and I haven’t slept properly in ages. I got home tonight to find, first what appeared to be and was the old boiler on the path, the bin out of place and when I got in the house dust everywhere. The light to the cellar/basement was and I went down to where the boiler is to find the inside door wide open but the outside gate locked. I just started freaking out. I had to run back upstairs to find the key and lock it.

The boiler has been playing up since September and the house hasn’t been that warm. I was told I would come home one day and it would be replaced. It freaked the hell out of me.

I’ve sat and sent off a ranty email to the landlord as there was no money left on the metre and no instructions for the boiler. 10 mins after sending it the repair man text me to let me know instructions. Oops.

So tomorrow is another day of house hunting, and I need to do some cleaning and arrange for some stuff to be collected for charity. I also want to get my haircut as my fringe is bothering me and I feel like a shaggy dog.

In todays’ news, a new pope has been elected. Fab. Wonder how long he will last. I need to get clued up on these world events as I have no idea about what goes on with Pope’s and the royals, not that it matters but it might be interesting.

This has been circulating on Facebook…

I added the comment ‘let’s see what you could have won……out comes men with yacht’ very disrespectful I know but I wasn’t the only one.

I used to love Bullseye when I was younger. I always found it funny that they would come from a small town and be miles away from the sea but win a yacht. And always thought it cruel that they would go ‘oh dear, let’s se what you could have won’ cue music. On strolls men pulling yacht and then cue music as they drag it back. Or the funniest thing was win a car. Do you take turns at weekends who was going to drive it?

Thing that popped into my head today was the game Mallet’s Mallet. see below


I have no idea why it did, I just felt like saying BLEUGH! It was a game and if you got it wrong or stumbled you used to get whacked on the head with a mallet. My sister and I used to play this with her giant banana toy, except I always got carried away and hit harder sometimes. We also used to use the banana as a form of transport down the stairs just like Grandma’s cushion. The house at Pearson Street had a straight set of stairs so we used to always slide down them :). I got asked this morning where I would put the plaster you always get at the end of the game and I said my cheek.

Talking about sticking things, apparently you still get stickers at the dentist. Oh and I met someone from Spennymoor the other day whilst at work. it’s a small world and no it wasn’t a relative.

another thing going around Facebook is this list. Image

I got rated ‘crazy’ ‘cute’ and ‘awesome’. Well I keep getting told I’m unique so I’ll leave you with this. I saw him at Teeside uni in 1999. those were the days. πŸ™‚

Thank you for reading.



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