This one’s for you

Carly 1980-2000

                        Carly 1980-2000

Carly, had health issues but didn’t let that stop her.Nights out were amazing and

she did her damnedest to get to college and try and complete a course.

Our trip to Glasgow. attempting the self timer on the film camera
Our trip to Glasgow. attempting the self timer on the film camera

I met Carly at college. We were around 17/18 We were both doing the GNVQ Art and Design at Bishop Auckland. We all had our own little units and were a little family. We would spend breaks and dinners together.  And gradually spend

One of the things that bonded us apart from shopping and films was the TV programme Sunset Beach. A lot of you may not of heard of it but it was channel 5’s biggest soap. Aired on a morning at 11am and if you missed it there was a 3 hour omnibus on a Saturday. Failing that you could catch up three weeks later as it never went at a fast pace and shocked characters were frozen in time, but that’s for another post.

Sunset Beach’s first episode

Every other week, or was it once a month, I can’t quite remember but we used to go around the pubs of Bish (Bishop Auckland), Me drinking Archers and Lemonade Carly drinking something alchololy with coke. For the life of me I can’t remember if it was vodka or not. At some point her on lager me on cider (can’t quite remember that :)). I would go over to hers and get ready, I would normally take 20 mins (oh and check this shocking pic below of me, what was I thinking!!!) Carly took longer but she always looked stunning.  Her Mum would drop us off and pick us up. We would Leave at 7pm, have a routine of which pubs to go to and then at the end of the night go to MacDonald’s as about 11/11:30 (yes rebels I know) and await Sandra (Carly’s Mum) to pick us up. Apparently Carly always used to appear sober where as I would fall asleep sometimes in the back. It was at this point to grown adults got obsessed with happy meals because you got them free beany toys. I think we had hundreds.

similar to what we collected
similar to what we collected

You see, This girl, woman was incredible. She took me for who I was, we were thick as thieves but there was a shadow over our friendship. Carly had Cystic Fibrosis. I never saw the illness I saw the person. I adored her and can’t believe I let her down when I moved to Middlesbrough to do my HND and didn’t stay in touch enough. Yes we wrote letters , but I didn’t come back enough to go out and spend time with her. Carly at the time had to repeat her course because she had taken a bit of time off. Any time Carly got a cold it would knock her for six. She would be on antibiotics and towards the end had to work around with what looked like a blue bottle and a tube attached to her to get the medicine/liquids in her.  Before she got really bad, we would go on trips to the cinema, I would get cheeked if I cried at a soppy film, both by her and my sister. We would go shopping for new outfits. We also took a trip to Glasgow, because Carly was a big fan of the artist Charles Rennie Mackintosh and wanted to see the museum. That was the best few days ever!

Carly has left a profound effect on me. It’s been over 10 years since she died. She became very ill and in the end her heart gave up. I was told considering how bad her illness was it was amazing she reached the age of 20.

I love you loads Lager Lass xxx

This was in the diary she left me

The conditions/systoms of CF

Find out more here:

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