I Love Books!!!

 “Sometimes people are beautiful.

Not in looks.
Not in what they say.
Just in what they are.”
― Markus Zusak, I am the Messenger

(Found this while writing last blog on The Book Thief)

A book worth reading is worth buying

I love books. I have way too many paperbacks and can’t part with them. I love the smell, I love the feel. I love the look of the writing (typeset I think it’s called). I love getting lost in them. I love the feeling when you finish a big chunky book. Or finish a book that leaves you gob-smacked  made you laugh out loud, cry or even learn something new.

I was given these and they came from the Enid Blyton stall on Leeds market.

I love to buy new books, but most of all I like visiting second-hand bookshops or charity shops, oh and borrowing from the library. I love their smell of the second hand shops. When we were little, my parents didn’t have much money and if we went shopping, some of the times we would go into a charity shop and while my Mum was browsing in the shop, my sister and I would sit in front of the bookcase looking through them to see what we could take home. Same obviously with the library. We used to spend ages sitting in the children’s section reading books and then going out with an armful to read at home.

When I left Uni I ended up living in a caravan, and I had more time to spare and ended up buying Pride and Prejudice for 30p from local charity shop and that set me off reading. I had a 30 minute train ride into Leeds for work so had plenty of time to read books.

Over the last eight years I have read tons of books. I only started to note them down in 2007 as I kept forgetting what I was reading. What I also missed was someone to discuss them with. Why on earth I didn’t think about looking for a bookclub back then I don’t know.  This last year, going to the Central Library in Leeds bookclub and the Leeds Book club at the White Swan and along with Giraffe and now Outlaws has just been an amazing experience.

charity and library books

Hence why I love charity shops, oh and the market, and the libary because it’s FREE, unless you reserve for 90p. still good though and second hand books. Today I bought The Secret Garden,The BFG and Charlotte’s Web all for £2.98 and money goes to Oxfam (bought in Headingley, which also has an Oxfam bookstore)

Charity shop bargain

So lets celebrate the paperback and the secondhand book. Infact lets celebrate the book and the beauty of it and the fact that it’s a gift. sometimes it’s not one we wanted, enjoyed and sometimes it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

Oh and one last thought, I also want to thank my Mum and sister Jane who over the past few years have been my ‘seekers of books’ when I’ve not been able to find a read and for buying me ‘The Silver Sword’ and ‘The Five children and it’ (brand new and with more info!!!) for my birthday. It means a lot.

The window of the house i was viewing today

Thank you for reading



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