Spring Clean starting early.

I wish it would warm up a bit, the weather I mean, then work might not be so cold and my nose might finally stop running and I can shift this cough. I’d also like not to be in four layers all the time. I think I need to sort out my circulation with multi-vitamin tablets or something as since I’ve been ill, keeping warm is difficult. I’ve been cooking loads of different foods, I’ve had plenty of fruit, the only thing letting me down is the drinking 8-12 glasses of water a day. I need to try do this and keep hydrated as my skin is drying out due to the cold.

Matilda for LBC Puffins and The Famous Five for the February part of the Enid Blyton challenge both for @Leedsbookclub

I’m hoping to move soon. I need to downsize and save money. Only problem is I have my own furniture and trying to find cheap storage space is annoying. I think I may have a solution in turning the sofa on it’s side and ramming boxes in front of it. I want to move in with other people because I’ve had two years of being on my own and it’s not much fun. Granted you can come and go as you please, you can leave the place a mess, watch what you want, how loud you want it, you can do what ever you please. But it’s lonely, boring, hardwork and expensive and quite frankly I’ve had enough. I keep worrying things are going to break and I can’t afford to replace them. Only problem is I’ve acquired quite a bit of stuff and seem to have at least 6 underbed storage boxes full of books. You see I live in a four floor house and apart from storing stuff for some friends, I’ve basically become a secret hoarder and filled every space possible. Even the kitchen has quite a lot of stuff. For some reason I have 12 mugs, 8 glasses and a dinner set for 8. A load of tins that I got years ago from wilkos at a penny. A dodgy-handled frying pan and a large croc pot.

I want to just start again, move away from Beeston (although I love the place, I think a new area/scenery might help for a bit) not have any worries and just concentrate on living, saving money and enjoying the small things in life, and get back to running. I know it sounds daft but I’ve always been surrounded by people and unfortunately in the last 2 years I feel like I’ve broken so many bridges, I was hoping to be further along in my career but I let the past keep destroying my present and felt lost and left behind while others progressed.  I need a change of scenery and I need a break. But I need a bit of money first to do the second.

Bendy Bus to work this morning. couldn’t work out what she was reading on her kindle 🙂

So plans for next two months, keep up the bookclub challenge. Sell all white goods in hope of a bit of money. Move house.  Learn to relax. Buy some new shoes and clothes.

Oh and one last thing about food, there’s a new cupcake stall in the St Johns Centre. I’ve so far had two. They’re very yummy. I also got a multi-pack of Nik-Nack crisps today and in it were scampi and Lemon flavour. I remember getting these at school from the snack machine for 20p with a 30p can of coca cola on my break. Good times.

Chocolate orange cupcake £1 from the stall in St Johns Centre Leeds
Scampi and Lemon Nik Naks. Used to be 20p in the snack machine

Thank you for reading



6 thoughts on “Spring Clean starting early.

  1. I try and look over people’s shoulder on the bus too- just to figure out what they’re reading!! It’s a fun game!

    £1 per cupcake- bargain!!

    Finally went to Patisserie Valerie on Sunday-WOW!! Shared a strawberry cream cake with Chris- amazing!! Thank you so much. Nom nom nom.

    Oh, they do gift vouchers now!!

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