Viruses are bad for you

I’m just recovering from what NHS Direct called a ‘nasty virus’. from Friday to Saturday I spent in bed coughing and spluttering and trying to get some sleep. The unfortunate thing with a ‘virus’ is that if you have a high temperature, you tend to sweat a lot and being ill and trying to change a bed is not easy.

Blow one nostril at a time and throw away the tissue immediately!
Blow one nostril at a time and throw away the tissue immediately and wash your hands!

I’ve been sleeping under two duvets and two blankets because one minute I’ve been freezing the next I’ve been boiling hot. That’s expected from a virus. They’re meant to make you feel bad. My head felt like it was going to explode, my ears felt like there was water in them, still does slightly. My throat hasn’t been too bad its just my nose, it’s felt blocked but has been a constant stream of snot. sorry.

I tried getting some medicine on Friday but was feeling so dizzy and couldn’t speak properly I just paid for some off the counter stuff and went home before I keeled over. Although I should have tried to explain to the person on the counter it has worked to a point but now I have some ‘proper’ decongestant stuff and now things are moving in my ears and it feels weird.

What I have learned over this past 5 days, well, it’s no fun living on your own and trying to deal with so much snot. Also there’s a certain way to blow your nose. see here Apparently you’re supposed to do one nostril at a time not both as it can damage your sinuses. Well I never.

I also got told you have to keep hydrated. drink 8-12 glasses a day. I think that’s the daily recommended amount isn’t it. But obviously if you’re ill and you’ve got the heating on to keep warm, you’re going to dry out and it can help loosen any mucus.

This is the post I started the other day I’m hoping it will help everyone keep well this winter because I think I need to start eating more fruit and veg and start making more meals and freezing them as it’s amazing how much this weather can zap your energy and affect your mood. As it can be when you’re at your lowest that illness can strike and you find it really difficult to shake off.

always cough sneeze into a tissue and then throw it away and wash your hands!
always cough sneeze into a tissue and then throw it away and wash your hands!

What I am now scared of is coming down with something else as I haven’t got rid of this properly. I feel tons better but my ear still isn’t right. Oh and I can’t speak properly without bursting into a fit of coughing. trying to ask for something you can’t pronounce is quite funny so word of advice write it down and show it to the assistant. 🙂

I mean nobody else on the bus will care if they’re coughing and sneezing. and where there unclean hands go and there’s only so many times you can grab the anti bacterial gel out of your bag and wipe your hands down without looking mad. So I’ll do my best to keep healthy from now on. So to cleaning the house and disinfecting stuff because apparently you can reinfect yourself if you don’t keep the tissues in the bin and keep surfaces clean. mmmmm.

Oh and I heard some important news on Facebook. Whatever happened to the good old telephone conversation. Funny how changing your relationship status on Facebook can mean the world’s changed. We need to get talking more.

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