Urggh! it’s the season to be ill!

3/2/13 so I’ve been asleep on and off for last three days. Friday afternoon I started feeling better,I bought some food some all-in-one  medicine to cure my throat. I thought great back to work Saturday only to throw up during the night. Did I eat the wrong thing or was it too much coughing? I’ve tried cooking some chilli and keeping fluids up but spent most of the time on and off asleep. I’m so annoyed.  did a survey on the NHS Direct service, unfortunately and I knew this from being a student, doctors can’t really help with colds it can take up to 4-10 days to clear. Ouch! I need to take a decongestant and keep warm and lots of fluids. and there’s more

So best care for earache and colds:

*Warm a soft cloth on a radiator and hold it to your ear for comfort.
* If cold weather or wind makes your earache worse, cover your ears with a hat or scarf.
* Never put anything into your ear – not even a cotton bud – even if your ear feels blocked or painful.
* Do not swim, and avoid getting water in your ears in the bath or shower.

*Do not lift heavy items

*Drink 8-12 glasses of clear fluid a day unless you have an existing medical condition which means this is not possible.

* covering your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze

*inhale steam. head over the bowl with a towel on top. 

* washing your hands regularly
* throwing used tissues away immediately.

*washing hands after use of tissues/sneezing

*Eating properly, lots of fresh fruit and veg

Oh and with a cold you should only blow one nostril at a time incase you damage your sinuses. I never knew that.

So going to try drink some more liquids and hop to god the ear soon releases whatever it’s holding as I hate beeing ill and it’s stuff being on your own. 😦

31/1/13 I am full of cold. I hate being ill. I lose my patience even quicker, not that I have much too start with. The weather keeps changing and I will be so glad when it’s lighter, not wet or bloody freezing.

I currently have a runny nose, constant sneezing and my ears feel like they’re full of water. I also keep going hot and cold. The thing I hate most is constant nose running as I hate it when I hear people sniffing. I feel like I need to plug my nose up. The joys!

So this is my remedy for getting better….

*Drink plenty of water -just found out it’s 8-12 glasses a day. (ouch)

*Hot lemon and honey (I use dilute lemon most the time)

*Grapefruit juice for sore throats

* Raw white onion, for sore throats and unblocks sinuses

* Paracetamol: to reduce temperature and ease sore throat.

*Homemade Chilli (I cheated tonight and used a jar, just as good)

*Hot bath

*Vics in a bowl, towel over the head and breath in vapours

*Plenty of rest

*Keep warm

Oh and to feel better a piece of cake, or a cupcake like one below that my friend Lynn got me today 🙂

cookie and cream cupcake 🙂 will go very nice with a cup of coffee

Thank you for reading



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