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Urggh! it’s the season to be ill!

3/2/13 so I’ve been asleep on and off for last three days. Friday afternoon I started feeling better,I bought some food some all-in-one  medicine to cure my throat. I thought great back to work Saturday only to throw up during the night. Did I eat the wrong thing or was it too much coughing? I’ve tried cooking some chilli and keeping fluids up but spent most of the time on and off asleep. I’m so annoyed.  did a survey on the NHS Direct service, unfortunately and I knew this from being a student, doctors can’t really help with colds it can take up to 4-10 days to clear. Ouch! I need to take a decongestant and keep warm and lots of fluids. and there’s more

So best care for earache and colds:

*Warm a soft cloth on a radiator and hold it to your ear for comfort.
* If cold weather or wind makes your earache worse, cover your ears with a hat or scarf.
* Never put anything into your ear – not even a cotton bud – even if your ear feels blocked or painful.
* Do not swim, and avoid getting water in your ears in the bath or shower.

*Do not lift heavy items

*Drink 8-12 glasses of clear fluid a day unless you have an existing medical condition which means this is not possible.

* covering your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze

*inhale steam. head over the bowl with a towel on top. 

* washing your hands regularly
* throwing used tissues away immediately.

*washing hands after use of tissues/sneezing

*Eating properly, lots of fresh fruit and veg

Oh and with a cold you should only blow one nostril at a time incase you damage your sinuses. I never knew that.

So going to try drink some more liquids and hop to god the ear soon releases whatever it’s holding as I hate beeing ill and it’s stuff being on your own. 😦

31/1/13 I am full of cold. I hate being ill. I lose my patience even quicker, not that I have much too start with. The weather keeps changing and I will be so glad when it’s lighter, not wet or bloody freezing.

I currently have a runny nose, constant sneezing and my ears feel like they’re full of water. I also keep going hot and cold. The thing I hate most is constant nose running as I hate it when I hear people sniffing. I feel like I need to plug my nose up. The joys!

So this is my remedy for getting better….

*Drink plenty of water -just found out it’s 8-12 glasses a day. (ouch)

*Hot lemon and honey (I use dilute lemon most the time)

*Grapefruit juice for sore throats

* Raw white onion, for sore throats and unblocks sinuses

* Paracetamol: to reduce temperature and ease sore throat.

*Homemade Chilli (I cheated tonight and used a jar, just as good)

*Hot bath

*Vics in a bowl, towel over the head and breath in vapours

*Plenty of rest

*Keep warm

Oh and to feel better a piece of cake, or a cupcake like one below that my friend Lynn got me today 🙂

cookie and cream cupcake 🙂 will go very nice with a cup of coffee

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Happy Days

Snow family, Somebody pointed out I forgot the noses

So four days left of January, where has the time gone. Last week was my birthday and I visited ‘oop north’ and saw my family, got a birthday cake some fantastic presents including a spotty apron and built a family of snow-people.

Chocolate Birthday cake!

I found my Enid Blyton book for my bookclub challenge and also got The Silver Sword for my birthday along with Five children and it. (I think it’s bookclub choice)  Anyone remember the BBC series??

So the week begins with no snow. I have just experienced a mini powercut. And have finally decided it’s time to sort myself out and  move house in search of something smaller. Start a fresh so they say. Only problem is I didn’t realise how much stuff I’ve acquired. But it’s good for the soul to have a clear out once in a while. I finally realised I’m an emotional hoarder. Funny that.

pyramid toilet roll
and this used to be a factory. how things change
Friday’s sky
cornbeef pie and chips
Pride and Prejudice is 200 years old.
Morning sky on Friday
Tomato soap and bread from Heaven
Skunk at the centre on Saturday
Alfie the meerkat
leftover birthday cake and coffee
flowers from a friend
Lady Bird magnets made by a friend several years ago

Book Review – The Witches

The Witches by Roald Dahl



“The Witches” by Roald Dahl has made many a child quiver with fear and delight! Witches really are a detestable breed. They disguise themselves as lovely ladies, when secretly they want to squish and squelch all the wretched children they despise. Luckily one boy and his grandmother know how to recognize these vile creatures – but can they get rid of them for good? “A true genius…Roald Dahl is my hero.” (David Walliams). Roald Dahl, the best-loved of children’s writers, was born in Wales of Norwegian parents. After school in England he went to work for Shell in Africa. He began to write after “a monumental bash on the head”, sustained as an RAF pilot in World War II. Roald Dahl died in 1990. Quentin Blake is one of the best-known and best-loved children’s illustrators and it’s impossible now to think of Roald Dahl’s writings without imagining Quentin Blake’s illustrations.”

Blurb from

‘A REAL WITCH is easily the most dangerous of all living creatures on earth.’

This is my favourite Roald Dahl book. This wasn’t on my to read list, I was trying to find the Enid Blyton book and came across this. I’ve also seen the film version loads of times and to re-read the book after such a long time, I found it hard to try to distance myself from what the characters looked like in the film to how I was reading the book. Yes, the film stays true to the book until the end. I had such fun reading this that, although everyone knows the story I think it should be read again and again, even if like me you don’t have children.

I loved the use of language, the emphasis on words and the use of Quentin Blake’s illustrations, both work beautifully together.

Roald Dahl starts the book with an explanation on witches and how to spot a witch, what signs to look for like wearing gloves, a wig, etc. We then begin the story where we meet a little boy. His name is never mentioned and we only know him as ‘my darling’ by his grandmother. In the film he is known as Luke. After his parents are killed he goes to live with his Norwegian Grandmother. They go to live in his parents home in England and plan to travel back to Norway in the summer until his Grandmother takes ill. They are told under no circumstances to travel to Norway and can only go to the English coast for a holiday. In the meantime his Grandma tells him stories about witches and how to spot one, and one day he thinks he meets one in the garden.

The pair go off on their holiday and it’s whilst in the hotel the boy finds a party of witches and their plan to get rid of all the children in the world by turning them into mice!

unfortunately he,along with another boy named Bruno get to be the first ‘victims’ and it’s from there the adventure begins.

Everyone should read this book as the ending is so sweet (the film changes it) and has a lovely message I think, about love and who we are, because in the end he is still a mouse, and will only have 9 years left and it’s his Grandmother, who keeps on loving him and accepts him still for who and what he is although he is a mouse.

I just love Quentin Blake’s work

The line I loved most in the book was:

“It doesn’t matter who you are or what you look like, so long as somebody loves you.”

A lesson we all should learn I think.


Thank you for reading.


What we do for and to each other

Humans are the craziest thing 

Don't run away from what scares you. Face your fears
Don’t run away from what scares you. Face your fears

We seek attention

We seek love

We seek to be liked

We don’t want or like to upset each other

We don’t tell each other the truth when it’s needed incase it ‘hurts’ the other person

We don’t tell people enough how much we love them

We blame each other for our own mistakes instead of admitting our faults

We are selfish

We like demean/belittle each other when we think ‘I wish I was doing that’ or ‘I don’t like myself right at this moment so why should they be happy’

We can’t be happy for each other.

It takes a strong person to admit they’re wrong

and a small person to blame someone else.

We want what others have without realising they want what we have

We all live in our own little worlds and rarely come out

We should talk more but not say what we think people want to hear and say what we actually mean.

We should be thankful for what we have as we all don’t /can’t follow the expected path laid out for us

We should realise that everyone gets ‘lost’ on their travels and we should be there to help them back, If we can we should never let them go.

We should remember we’re all different but trying to live our lives the same and sometimes we need a little help without realising it.

We should be more thankful for what we have, sometimes life throws things at you that you weren’t expecting. With this we should stop and think and work through it. Not to shut down, not to go it alone, not to push people away.

Communication is the key but may not bring all the answers because no matter how hard you try to solve things, some things can’t be fixed.

However selfish it is, look after you first and the rest should take care of itself (or so I’ve been told :D)

So remember who you are. Remember what you have to give. Remember you get one chance and you’re very lucky to get a second. Don’t demean another because you’re jealous, Don’t take out your anxieties on another,as that person may not be as strong as you. Cherish what you have and if you want more do your best to make it happen.

Thank you for reading


Book review: Ethel and Ernest by Raymond Briggs

Ethel and Ernest by Raymond Briggs



Blurb from Amazon;

Ethel and Ernest by Raymond Briggs

Raymond Briggs has used his parents in his work before. They were the archetypes for the bemused elderly couple in his fable of nuclear war, When The Wind Blows, and in lighter vein his father has been the model for Father Christmas. But in this latest work Briggs takes it a step further in writing (and, of course, drawing) a cartoon strip biography of his parents marriage from courtship in the twenties to death in the seventies. This tribute to ordinary lives–no affairs, no illness before the end, no regrets–is inevitably a very personal work, but also serves as a fascinating social history. From when they meet as milkman and parlour maid, through the Depression, second world war, childbirth (Briggs himself gets a particularly good cameo role in the sixties, replete with magnificent sideburns), old age and death, we see a world in rapid flux while Ethel and Earnest’s loving relationship remains resolutely stable. The drawings are characteristically tender–the scene when his dead mother lies on a hospital trolley is particularly moving–and the simple text gives more than a taste of these people and the times they lived through. Sentimental as well as engaging? Absolutely. But work like this gives sentimentality a good name. –Nick Wro

Book Description

Utterly original, deeply moving and very funny, Ethel & Ernest is the story of Raymond Brigg`s parents’ marriage, from their first chance encounter to their deaths told in Brigg`s unique strip-cartoon format. Nothing is invented, nothing embroidered – this is the reality of two decent, ordinary lives of two people who, as Briggs tells the story, become representative of us all. The book is also social history; we see the dark days of the Second World War, the birth of the Welfare State, the advent of television and all the changes which were so exhilarating and bewildering for Ethel and Ernest.

A marvellous, life-enhancing book for all ages.

This magical little book is a bout Raymond Briggs parents, how they met by chance right through to their deaths. I saw a piece on television about Raymond Briggs and it happened to mention this book. It’s a wonderful insight into a relationship which blossomed from a mistaken signal to a life of happiness. It starts with Ernest riding a bike through the streets and as he looks up he sees Ethel hanging out the window with a yellow duster, he thinks she’s waving at him and then waves back. This carries on all week until one day he doesn’t pass and Ethel thinks he’s forgotten only for him to turn up suited and booted with flowers asking for a date.

It shows what appears to be a brief courtship and Ethel leaving her job as a lady’s maid to become a married woman and so their lives begin. The journey is then split into decades spanning the important aspects of their lives; buying their first house, jobs, birth of Raymond,  the war, Raymond growing up leaving home and finally the death of Ethel shortly followed by Ernest, possibly due to a broken heart.

This made me laugh. the top one especially. Love the detail in the drawing.

What is lovely about this book is the fact it is set 50-60 years ago when all modern technology we use today like TV, fridge, cars, that we don’t think twice about were all new/novel ideas. And how Ernest would get excited at an electric fridge and how it would improve their lives. We have so much technology these days that reading this book, it made me feel their lives were much simpler, yes harder, due to it being more work, but less noise and not the need to be constantly using some form of technology, like checking our phones.

I also loved this book for how he portrayed his parents relationship. It was warm and caring, they stuck together through everything and came out stronger and would be lost without each other. After all it is a picture book and the amount of detail that has gone into the illustrations express more than what words can. Yes the words help the story along but the detail in the people’s faces the use of colour to express the mood is just amazing.

I highly recommend this book, not just because it’s Raymond Briggs, famous for The Snowman, but for the fact its an illustrated story and sometimes pictures can say and mean more than words.


Thank you for reading


This book wasn’t on my to read list, but I’m so glad to have read it.

Check this link for more images;

Lots of tasks for Tuesday

After yesterday’s post I thought I’d post another while sat watching Holby City.


You’ve probably gathered from other posts I’m not really enjoying January. It’s a week until my birthday, I have another deadline looming over my head which I don’t know how to fix or whether I can. On a plus note I have loads going on with the Bookclubs I’m at, and the radio station has some new exciting projects and I’ve just recorded something for them which was more fun than I expected. I’m trying to keep up with exercises for my knee and again doing badly but I’ll get there. What I do know is I  need to give myself time to heal, emotionally as well as physically as I don’t think I’ve actually done that yet. Sounds daft but I’m always the last to realise these things.

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