By my little sister. love this

Lofty is as Lofty does!

williMore specifically – nicknames?! Many of us have them and we give them to others. We also name inanimate objects for example my sister’s first car was called Boswell, then the hire car she named Bernard. Mum and I had a trolley we used for shopping called Trevor (may he rest in pieces!) A guy up the road is called Spuggy but I have no idea what his real name is. In fact some people are so well known by their nicknames it’s the only name most folk think they have no matter how odd it may be.

Many nicknames originate in childhood. Now let me be clear, I’m talking about actual nicknames not the name calling and taunting many of us have gone through in our younger years – that’s just bullying! At Junior School I briefly got a nickname of Janey Cheung from a tv programme we had…

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