Crossing over to the Darkside

Yes, I’ve decided it’s time to (can’t belive I’m about to say this)  cross over to the Darkside and buy a Kindle, sorry I mean an E-reader. The reason being I’ve just been ‘up North’ for Christmas and had to decide what I wanted to take to read. Only problem was I took two books and came back with six. If you know me or have read the blog you know I love the paper forms of books. I think my stash has grown to at least 5 large storage boxes and I think I’ve only read probably one box worth. The problem I have is I love books! I’ll borrow from the library when I have loads at home (I feel the need to do this so they won’t shut it. I manage to read 80% of what I borrow)  and I love bookshops and especially charity shops. Do you know you can get a book for as little as 20p in a charity shop and it can still be in good nick???  Several years back in transition from Uni to ‘Adult’ life I was living in a caravan. And on the days on my own I used to go for a walk and then watch tv, but I used to get bored with that. Also the journey to work was at least 30mins on the train. So I decided i needed to start reading again. I got a 30p copy of Pride and Prejudice (which set me off with my love of Colin Firth) and from there I looked for different things to read. When I took up a photography job a couple of years later I ended up  not reading at all. When I lost my job due to the company going bust I had 3 months of doing nothing. This wasn’t intended, just a lot of things happened. I decided with my spare time to read some classics and see what other people were reading. I found this list and attempted to work my way through it. This is my read from 2007-2012 I still have quite a few classics to read, I just need to stop wasting my time and useless things i.e. Facebook.

So these are my thoughts on e-readers: But after trailing all my stuff up North and then coming back with more than I could really carry I think it’s time to cross over to the darkside and by an e-reader. I am thinking of buying it in three weeks time around my birthday and that gives me time to look for a bargain. I’m thinking the simple original Kindle, because it’s around £60-£70 and I won’t feel so bad if I don’t like it I won’t have wasted too much and with the remaining money I can get some accessories (if I don’t get a deal) and treat myself to new clothes or something with the rest of the money. Good plan!

So if you have the Kindle or have used one let me know your thoughts.

The Simple original Kindle?

The Kindle Original from Amazon
The Kindle Original from

Or the Paperwhite version?

The Kindle Paper from
The Kindle Paper from

Thank you for reading



2 thoughts on “Crossing over to the Darkside

  1. Hi Helen
    Like you I love books and buy loads, especially from charity shops and vowed I’d never get a kindle. Then earlier this year out of interest I downloaded the free kindle app to my laptop, along with some cheap (20p – 99p) and free books. This led to buying the £69 kindle. I now have about 40 books on it, BUT I have yet to read one from start to finish. There is a great temptation to just dip in and out of them which I don’t seem to do with proper books. Also, when I took the kindle on holiday to Egypt I couldn’t read the description of the book (equivalent to the back cover) as I didn’t have an internet connection and I hate starting a book “blind”! Luckily I’d taken one proper book and ended up using the hotel book swap!

    Since I got my kindle I’ve bought just as many proper books; in fact I got a set of 6 Anne Tyler paperbacks for Christmas. From your description of taking 2 books up north with you and bringing back 6, I suspect you’d be just like me even if you got a kindle……you wouldn’t be able to resist charity shops and proper books.

    Susan x

    1. Hi Susan.

      You’ve just put my fears to rest. I feel like I’m betraying the paperback. I can’t resist charity or second-hand shops. I just love the feel of a paperback book.
      Thank you so much for the comment. I’ll let you know how I get on when and if I get it 🙂

      Helen x

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