The end of the world as we know it: Part 2

Bought for us today.

So the world didn’t end at 11:11am or was it mean’t to be 11:11pm?? time differnece and all that. and if it did end and a ‘new’ world started, well it’s not much better than the first is it?

This morning I had a missed call on my phone from my sister  and for life of me couldn’t get back in touch and then around dinner time I gave her a call, worried like I do that something was wrong, it wasn’t. She was ringing on behalf of my Dad who thought I might not be safe due to the world ending today. Here’s what she put on Facebook this morning:

“Sky News decided they needed 2 tell people that the Apocalypse didn’t arrive! Really? As if 11:11 am going by without a squeak n say ooh I dunno,every1 still being here wasn’t enough of a hint. Following conversation with me Dad…
Dad: Have u heard from ur sister?
Me: No,but Sky ses we’re alive so it must b ok.
Dad: U better txt her 2 b sure. (Pointless txt msg sent)
Has she replied?
Me: I only just sent it! She’s probably busy at work or dead, either way ur not gonna hear from her 4 a while!”

So the end of the world didn’t happen and work carried on as normal, well what were we worried about??? I mean I put a lucky dip on the euros tonight, I don’t want the jackpot, just a few million and granted it’s not a very good dip, all the high numbers, but as usual there’s always wishful thinking and as it’s Christmas, someone might be kind.

Going back to today I only managed to whack a box against my leg, it wasn’t as bad as the last two days incidents, so that’s a good sign. I’ve bee full of snot today and have had sneezing fits, which luckily didn’t happen when I had a tool in my hand. . 🙂 I’ve managed to get through the day It’s funny how a cold can effect your ability to function normally and  I’m pleased I only have two more to go and Christmas madness is over (I shouldn’t complain it’s been very good for business, it’s just felt like harder work this year) and I get to go ‘up north’ for some rest and my Mum’s cooking! 😀 I am wondering whether three books are a bit excessive for four days but you never know. I think I might turn off my phone for that time and use my camera to record anything. Not sure how long that will last.

Three reads for xmas

Oh and the choice of songs at work was quite comically, we had Kate Bush singing wuthering heights?. Queen singing, I want to break free, Tom Jones singing it’s not unusual and others indicating end of something, I knew I should have wrote them down as now I felt like I’m babbling.

So goodnight and hope you are celebrating ‘the new world’ and Santa brings you what you asked for.


Thank you for reading



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