The art of reading the paperback rather than the eBook

The art of reading the paperback rather than the eBook

I don’t think I really have a right to have an opinion on an e-reader when I’ve only seen them in the shops, but I really don’t see the point of reading a book, whether it’s my favourite one or a new one on a small computer screen. I may sound old fashioned and scared to embrace new technology but I think there’s something magical about holding a paperback/hardback book in your hands, the smell of it the act of turning the page. I say this because eight years ago I got back into reading and loved the connection I got with the characters and getting involved in their story. I remember reading Pride and Prejudice, I bought it for 30p from the charity shop and I got hooked on reading. I love the paper form of a book, whether it’s new or second hand, I love it when you get that sense of achievement when you finish a book the size of a brick which may have took days or weeks to finish. The fact that you can see how much you have left and the excitement of getting closer to the end and ‘the who done it’ or ‘the happy ending’ or the ‘Oh my God I didn’t see that coming’ ending. Apparently on an e-reader you can see how much of the book you have left in percentages but how can you work out the size of it when it’s on a single screen? I’ve seen people reading these e-readers and think you definitely have a different relationship with them, you don’t sit and hold them like you do a book. I know the advantage of an e-reader is a million books on one device instead of limiting how many paper books you carry in your bag but it doesn’t seem friendly and you can’t display your library on shelves for people to see and say oh I read that one and then a discussion begins.  I think this all stems from the fact I spend all day using computers and to use an e-reader would feel like work and although I love my job I need a way of escaping at the end of the day. I’m also very nosey, I love it when I see people reading books, I’m always intrigued to see what they’re reading, you can’t do that when someone’s reading an eBook. And one final thing, bookshops & libraries! I think they’re amazing places it’s like my idea of heaven! In Hay-on-Wye there is what seems like hundreds of bookshops. I remember going in one once and it was floor to ceiling of books and there were so many shelves that it turned into what felt like a maze!! I think in whatever format we chose to read I think we are very lucky as a society to have such a thing as books because it gives us something to connect with other people and like I said before they allow us to escape from our everyday lives.


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