Christmas time, Mistletoe and Whine

What a day! Heard it on the news and on Twitter this morning that is was icy outside, but when I looked out the window it just looked wet. So I opened the door and touched the step and what do you know sheer black ice across the main step and leading down to the path. I chucked some salt on but didn’t give it enough time to dissolve and thought sod it, lets attempt to get into town and get coffee and breakfast. It took 45 mins. I ended up almost sliding onto the road and then shuffling down the street. I was aware I was all in black and might not be seen. Scary! Loads of people were walking in the road in fear of sliding on their backsides. The bus ended up pretty full and what is normally a 15/20min trip took me 45 mins to get in. Crazy! On the way home it was dark again and quicker journey, but once I got off the bus I was fearful of going ‘tits-up’ as they say and found myself shuffling down the street, I didn’t need to as it wasn’t icy but just to be sure.


So it’s 9 days left until I finish work for Christmas. I have no idea why I don’t have the Christmas cheer this year. I don’t really want Christmas, I’m actually sick of hearing about it. One thing I am looking forward to is being looked after by my Mum.  Every time I go up home (yes I’ve lived in Leeds for 11/12 years but still call Mum’s home) my Mum feeds me until I burst! I did want to go to Newcastle on Xmas Eve and see Fenwicks window but I feel so tired I think all I want to do is stay in and watch DVDs. Especially Santa Claus the movie with Dudley Moore in. It’s my favourite Christmas film and I watch it religiously every year. It’s in remembrance to my Grandma.When we were younger we used to go over every Christmas Eve and see her. Dad would go off and see family and friends as at that time everyone lived on the same street and me and my sister would stay at my Grandma’s and eat fairy buns and cornbeef pie with crinkly chips! One year (can’t remember how old I was) we were sat watching the said film and I remember my dad marched in and said ‘right kids grab your coats we’re off’ We didn’t want to miss the film and Grandma said we should stay but Dad was having none of it. So when we got home I remember rushing in and putting the telly on and catching the end of the film. Ever since then I’ve tried to catch it on Christmas eve. I now have it on Blu-ray and DVD incase I miss it. My Grandma died in 2001 and I miss her deeply.

So Christmas is fast approaching it’s 9 days left until I go up home for Christmas I’ll probably leave it to the last-minute and not have anything packed and have to do the usual and borrow my sister’s clothes. she hates this but it’s so funny!

She posted this on Facebook and I will get shot for repeating it but I love it. I can’t quite believe it myself but it’s 13 years since I left home. 13 years! where has the time gone!

‘saw sum1 in the shops that I hadn’t seen 4 a while emphasised by the greeting ‘eeeeee hello stranger!’ After talking 4 a while got asked the question ‘which 1 r u again?’ saying my name doesn’t help,have 2 clarify with ‘the younger but taller 1′. It’s funny how many people tell me n my sister apart that way!’

And still after all this time of me not being in Spenny people still get us mixed up. Love it! I love it more so as I remember my ‘Little’ sister (she’s taller than both me and my brother and she’s the youngest!) used to get so annoyed at being called by my name.

So the weekend is fast approaching. All being well I get to see my Best friend and his family at the weekend and Yesterday I had a book review published on Leeds BookClubs website! so chuffed. I also spent yesterday evening at South Leeds Radio Station and can’t wait to start all the things happening next year. And there’s some fantastic news on my knee! I apparently need to strengthen the joint and need 6 weeks of physio and could be running again by April!!!  So here’s to 2013 and all the fabulous things happening!!!

Thank you for reading and take care with this bad weather!



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