procrastinating in a big way, mainly because it’s cold

I can’t believe it’s 6th of December already. where has the year gone? where has this week gone? it’s been really stressful at work and my favourite expression is being churned out everyday and all I can do is cringe. We wouldn’t say this any other time so why is it so important for one day in a year? I’m being a Scrooge I know. But when Christmas is shoved in your face everyday you just get a little sick of it. cue the bah humbug hat! I just think Christmas is now over rated and only for the retailers. Because we’ll all work flat out for Christmas  buy ridiculous amounts of food and drink which we don’t normally consume because somebody told us to. I’m sure years ago it wasn’t like this and people just spent the day in company of the people they love with out this hassle?

I think part of my problem is I’m on my own and have too much time to think and half the struggle is just finding the motivation to get going. Like this morning I planned to have a day on the couch but the house needed a clean and I need to top up the gas metre. I also need to do food shopping but I can’t be bothered. food shopping for one is just expensive because it’s cheaper to buy in bigger bags but a lot of it goes to waste because you can’t eat it all before it goes off or you just get sick of it.

Anyway that’s the grumble over with. I am just waiting the washing machine to finish so I can put a film on and not worry about the housework. I had intended to try finish the hobbit but my brain just does not want to concentrate and I hate that. I hope it wakes up for tonight as I’m starting a course with South Leeds Community Radio. I am so excited. All this from starting a blog and being brave enough to go do a writing course. If anything, this year hasn’t turned out the way I wanted. I’ve lost quite a few things but gained quite a lot. I’m hoping 2013 is going to prove fantastic even if it’s not what my heart truly desires.

Thank you for reading



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