‘Should auld acquaintance be forgot, And never brought to mind? Should auld acquaintance be forgot, And auld lang syne? ‘

I’ve probably misunderstood this song/poem, but there’s something about this time of year which sometimes makes me think of all the people I’ve lost and the people that are in my life now. I’m actually dreading the end of this year, as it means I’m closer to being another year older and haven’t achieved what I’d wanted to. But and it’s a big one, I think I’ve gained so much more. My relationship with my Sister is stronger and I’ve sort of begun to understand my Dad a little. We had a great time in Scarborough this year. And my Mum is my rock, even at the age of 32!

This year I have lost a few friendships, not sure how and gained some unexpected ones that I’m very grateful for. I’ve also got a very strong relationship with a certain young lady who I lost contact with at one point and is my inspiration and wish I lived closer to share cake and coffee with her.

I’ve also been re-acquainted with old family and gained new, who I adore to bits and feel so lucky to have them back in my life. It’s been great visiting Sherburn again and Aunt Lindy I’ve been meaning to write you a letter for ages I just keep getting caught up in things!! Plan for next year is visit up north more!!

So Christmas and the New Year is a time to reflect. Twitter has showed me there’s so much out there and we can be connected by the tiniest thing and open up new worlds and meet amazing people and new opportunities. I’ve been able to connect to people about running, and books and found out about a new writing course which was just down the road from where I live! This year I have done 3 -10ks, a writing course and from that I had been asked to do a radio production course and fell in love with Bookclub.

Next year I hope to do some races and I think like with my photography, like Victoria Pendelton said on Strictly Come Dancing tonight  ‘We all need to step out of our comfort zone once in a while’ . I think I’ve been doing this without realising it but next year I need to make more of an effort, especially with my photography and writing and just life in general.

Oh and one last thing, Hugs, They’re my favourite. It means a lot when someone hugs me. It’s not for everyone, but it lets me know you care and sometimes if you’re feeling down an unexpected one works a treat! check this link, although I think he got banned? 🙂 http://www.freehugscampaign.org/

So thank you to everyone. I love you all, and thank you for being a part of my life, however often we chat. x

Thank you for reading



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