A trip down memory lane

I’m sat here listening to two old tapes that apparently are 24 years old!!! I thought I was given them when I was about 11/12 but not sure as the one of the tapes has a date on them. I can’t remember if they were a birthday present or whether they were just sent to me in the post.  All I can remember is a note saying ‘Play these as loud as you can to annoy your Dad’.

I’ll get killed for saying it but it’s my fondest memory and these are my most treasured possessions and they still work!!! These led to me starting to collect the ‘Now Series’ I think I got one every Christmas and if I saved up my pocket money another few during the year. I really can’t wait until Christmas and get back to Mum’s to find the rest of the tapes!!!

The one’s I’ve been listening to I found I thought I had ‘accidently’ recorded over a few bits. I think one has the Neighbours theme tune on one but recently found out I hadn’t, it was such a relief!  http://youtu.be/JAIOzM7SsMo

The reason for the trip down memory lane came about because when I went for the bus I saw a man with a Sony tape walkman, clipped to his belt and wearing the headphones that had a metal band and soft pads. I remember having a black one when I was younger and now I use my Ipod shuffle. But listening to the tapes and that slight ‘fuzzy’ noise has given me a warm feeling.

I still have a stereo with a tape deck and a portable stereo with a cassette which I’ve had since I was 16! I don’t know if it’s classed as a ghetto blaster.

Also the thing with tapes, they have two sides and you have to turn it over to continue. And when you recorded a tape and didn’t quite judge it right and cut half the song off!

When we were little we had a lot of books which came with tapes. They were red I think that went with the Disney ones. I also I remember collecting a series of magazines and tapes and the one that really, really scared me was ‘The monster in the Labyrinth’. But I loved it. I’ve just found a blog with all the audio stories and you can listen to them!!! http://wp.me/PEW3v-2 Apparently this was part 14.

Check this link and it does the ‘ping’ or ‘twinkle’ to change the page. completely forgot about that! 

Then there was the Christmas one with my favourite Christmas hym/songs. Makes me smile everytime I hear it!


After finding all this I feel like Christmas has come early!!!!

Thank you for reading



2 thoughts on “A trip down memory lane

    1. Thank you. and thanks for your blog. I couldn’t believe I could listen to ‘the monster in the labyrinth’ again! that has always stayed with me! scared the hell out of me when I was little but that and ‘ding dong merrily on high’ became my favourite!

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