Bah humbug & shopping in general

So day two of my SEVEN day holiday (I’ve been saying seven like Len on strictly). Yesterday Mum & I went to The White Swan Leeds for lunch. I love that pub. It’s where I found bookclub. The people who work there are amazing and so is the food and the atmosphere. We were going to see Oliver at the Grand Theatre so I thought we’d go for lunch before hand as I wasn’t sure what time we’d be out. The show was amazing and we had a fantastic afternoon. I’m still singing the songs.

Last night we ended up in bed early. Both tired and asleep by 9:30pm. I had been sleeping on the mattress on the floor next to my canvas wardrobe and woke up this morning finding myself half in the wardrobe. Don’t ask how, as I’m not sure myself. That’s the longest I’ve slept in a while.

I thought we’d go to the white rose for lunch and a bit of shopping and as I was getting ready and as I was doing my hair and was shocked to see how grey I was going! I hadn’t died my hair for a bit and didn’t realise how bad it had got. I’ve been going grey for over 12 years. I didn’t realise but I have some of my Granddad’s colouring and he was auburn. My hair is naturally dark brown but when I was younger and the sun hit it looked red and that’s what’s lost it’s colour gone grey 😦 So over the weekend my colour will be nutrisse 4.15 cocoa. Sigh. The things we do to look ‘pretty’.

Anyway back to shopping, today the centre was quite busy. There’s Christmas shoved in your face where ever you go. People attempting to thing carols (shudders) Kids crying because they’re tired and want the toys off the shelves and parents saying ‘you’ll have to wait and see what Santa brings’ It’s 6 bloody weeks away and how does a child understand that? there was even a Santa’s grotto in the shopping centre!!! What happened to Christmas being special? being in December? arrrrghhhhh!!!

I was a bit worried Mum might be bored. I’m always conscious lately about other people not being happy. Not sure where it’s come from. But I think She had a good time. I managed to get two new pairs of shoes for £18 from  Sports Direct and a pair of penguin slippers from Primark.  There was also the joke about me talking to mannequins after I walked past a shopping assistant who l was stood still and looked plastic. When I was little I ran up the stairs in the co op department store so excited to find Santa that I stopped to ask a mannequin I think I was about 6 or 7 and have never lived it down since. 🙂

Penguin slippers!!!!
new shoes!!!!
It’s Friday!!! Fish,chips,scraps & gravy!!
This is for my Mum, my friend Rachel, My friend Lynn and my friend Fin. xxx

It’s strange to have someone in the house. I keep forgetting to lock the door and the washing up is piling up quicker because I keep getting clean stuff out and not washing up. Mum keeps having trouble with her phone and getting signal so She keeps waving it in the air, which is quite funny. But it’s good to have someone to chat to. It’s good to reminisce over childhood things to discus things happening now. We’re now sat wrapped up in blankets heating on at 4pm!!! and watching the old Batman tv series where there’s a narrator and the spinning Batman sign. Funny how some things from the past are good to relive once in a while.

‘Batman! it’s good to finally get a signal!’

Thank you for reading



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