Holidays are coming!

Phew! finally they’re here! I have 7 days off and I hope they go reallllllyyyyyyy slowly!!!

Have had an intense 10 days and I’m in need of a chance to stop and slow down and also need so desperately to see my Mum.  Haven’t thought about this for a while but I’ve been so busy. But I don’t have any family in Leeds and rarely get up home (up north) to see them due to cost and time. I just need a hug off my Mum and tell me everything is ok. It is. but just need that hug! I still call Mum’s home, even though I’ve been here 12 years. It confuses the hell out of people. Can you have two home’s?

Today I an old friend came to see me at work, mainly for a job to be done and to say hi and we reconnected over a coffee. Once again we had lost touch due to a timing and my favourite word ‘communication’. It was amazing, I feel so much closer to her and we both realised why things went wrong. so silly really. Humans are just strange creatures.

I can’t believe it’s nearly the end of 2012. I have so much planned and can’t believe that there’s only two bookclub meetings before the end of the year. CRAZY! I love bookclub. I’m it’s biggest fan. Especially since we got to talk about Sunset beach. For those who haven’t heard of it, and there are many check this page out It was a tv soap, that was so bad it was good!

So plans are to get knee checked out. Write an email to world book night about entry form. Prepare a piece to enter the Great North Run – think that’s what you do (I’ll enter even if I have to hobble!). Enter the York 10k in August?. Do some more writing! and go somewhere on my own on a holiday. mmmmm food for thought. (note to self check bread isn’t mouldy before you toast it. sigh)


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