p-p-p-pick up a penguin & while you’re there pick me up to as I’m pooped!

Wow. What a week! So busy! Bonfire night weekend at the beginning of the week along with the Xmas decorations up in the centre I work in, so on the first day of the week I spent 20 fruitless minutes cleaning up the glitter and I’m still finding it. Bah Humbug!

I seem to have developed a slight obsession with penguin jokes and anything penguins this week. It all started with buying 3 packs of penguins for the price of 1 from Tescos. I completely forgot that they used to do jokes on the wrappers, so I checked and guess what they did! then I started putting them on Twitter & Facebook & annoying people. Even made up my own, good fun!.

It’s been a long week. And I want to say a big thanks to Maz at phones for you for looking after us and supplying chocolate orange popping candy. it’s immense! I found some popping candy in my kitchen cupboard and will be taking it in on Monday. The people working at St Johns Centre are an amazing bunch! I also want to thank Mr Little for getting stuff done while I flapped in the background because first the website went down and I had to catch up on stuff followed by the printer 😦 all because of a stupid wire, never thought of that!

This week has been very busy and I think people are starting to shop for Christmas. Also it’s the time of year when everyone starts sharing bugs and fall ill. There’s been a nasty sickness bug going round and touch wood (taps head :D) I have missed it. My friend came down with it and I covered at work as I didn’t think He would be fit enough to work. The job is physical and standing all day can take it’s toll. Sometimes for me it’s quite intense mentally, remembering what things to do for each order, writing lists for what’s to be done and then remembering to keep eating to keep fuelled and at this time of year we need to look out for each other. Today I was shattered & just kept on the sugar & caffeine, sorry Jenny :D. I feel that my body now needs a detox.

I only have two days to work next week as I get an extra day to add to my holiday for working extra this week and I plan cleaning the house and getting shopping in ready for my Mum visiting. So excited. I need to switch off and need to do non-work related things. Also need to stay off Facebook & Twitter, that will be so hard! On Saturday we’re off to see Michael Morpurgo  do a talk at at Leeds Town Hall and also do some shopping at some point for Xmas presents or just ideas.

So it’s the end of the week. I have a new obsession, bad jokes and penguins.Penguins are so cute!. I’ve got bookclub tomorrow, I’m also going to a photography meet-up & must remember to charge equipment. This week I had a video chat with Rachel and it was so scary & cool at the same time. I’ve had a fab day today with a very wise young 18 year old and hopefully I can go to one of her plays. (damn not having a car. You can’t have everything I suppose. 😦 )

So here’s to the last 6 weeks or so of 2012. I intend to make them good no in fact fantastic and all I ask for Xmas is my knee to be on the mend (yes it had to be mentioned) and for all my friends and family to know I’m ok and if ever you need anything I’m always here, you just have to ask.

Thank you for reading



2 thoughts on “p-p-p-pick up a penguin & while you’re there pick me up to as I’m pooped!

  1. You twit 🙂 in the most endearing sense of the word! Penguin obsessions! I love the penguins from the film Madagascar. I had a headache after our video chat- the screen was so jumpy. Was good to see you though. Sorry for scaring you- I didn’t even have my Halloween mask on!

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