What is it that makes us unique?

‘The skill of writing is to create a context in which other people can think.’ EDWIN SCHLOSSBERG

Aren’t humans bizarre creatures? Seriously, we all have the same outer casing, just shaped & looked differently  yet what goes on inside is what creates the individual.  We are all unique in our individual ways and deal with the same things in different ways. As humans we form packs like animals and there are hierarchy both in friendships, families, society and work. Some think they’re better than others and the others strive to have what is out of their reach due to the situation they’re in (single, young family or pensioner)  or lack of money (society wise).

I remember as far back as school that I was never the ‘cool’ kid or even at Uni. I’m still not. But what I don;t have in being the most popular person is that whoever I meet and become friends with I always do everything I can for them and hope to be a loyal friend who they love spending time with just because I’m me. Granted in the last two years I’ve probably took more than I’ve given but I will repay the people one day who have helped me and will be forever grateful that they are in my life.

Today I had to go and do some research for my writing course and went off to Wakefield to visit the cathedral there. In my last class I was trying to describe Durham Cathedral. It’s one of my favourite buildings. I was told to go and visit Wakefield Cathedral as it was stunning and had some amazing stain glass windows. And they were right. It’s a lot smaller than Durham but the atmosphere in there was amazing. It was gloomy but not depressing and there was a feeling of warmth. Someone was playing the organ and the sound filled the building. Then suddenly it stopped and there was silence and the only thing you heard was a cough from someone in the distance.

I’m not religious I wasn’t brought up that way but sometimes I wonder if there is a force out there looking after us or whether we do actually need to believe in something when our lives don’t go the way we expected or that as a society we are led to believe that at certain stages in our lives we’re mean’t to have achieved certain things, career, family, house etc.. and when that doesn’t happen other things come in to play and we end up losing focus and as they say ‘following a different path’. Today in the Cathedral, I felt a sense of peace. It was very strange. I lit a candle, I do this every time I visit Durham. I don’t know why. But I light one and think of the people I’ve lost and today I lit a second one for the people in my life today asking for them to protected, and then I felt silly. I don’t know why, I just think I’ve had a lot to think of recently and not really processed it.

Tomorrow is the first full week in November & obviously that means there’s not long to Christmas or 2013. Eeks! I have so much planned I don’t know whether I’m coming or going & I love it, I’ve never had so much to do. The company I work for is going to be five, and I want to make it a special event. It will also would have been my best friend’s birthday, She died over 10 years ago & I still miss her so much. I loved the nights out we had and the days out at the cinema or shopping. And just to bore you more I have 3 books to read in a week, an eye test booked, A photography meeting at the weekend and BOOKCLUB! And I really need to have a catch up with my friends Fin and Rachel at some point. I also need to do some house work and do some more de cluttering.

Oh and one last thing. I have to show you the picture of the queue for a small piece of Lego. My sister wanted the Frodo Lego in the Sun newspaper so I popped to WHSmith in Leeds and there was already a queue at 10:50am and When the doors opened everyone went mental, ran in and grabbed a paper and then we had to form an orderly queue to redeem it. They seen helped us to scan it. I was worried at first I couldn’t get one and then when waiting to pay I heard someone say ‘is it one or two?’.  All this for Lego! I must admit I do love Lego  and we have an amazing collection at Mum’s. I can;t wait until Christmas and I’ll get the box out and do some building. Yes I’m a big kid.


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