Books and they’re magic and getting lost in their world oh and bookclubs

I only remember a few books that I read when I was younger and has stuck with me. We read them in school, one is The Silver Sword another is Mrs Frisby and the rats of Nimh. I remember in junior school reading all the time, and loving taking out books from the library. One of my fondest memories is my Grandma bringing books over for us to read. My favourite was  Enid’s Blyton’s book of brownies about three naughty elves. I think it’s still at Mum’s.

I’ve been trying to rack my brain about what those books were called that were adventures and at the end of each chapter you had to make a choice to continue the story and if you made a bad one the story ended. I enjoyed them to.

When we were kids we would use the library or go to charity shops to get books, I remember spending ages in both just going through the books.  I can’t remember reading much in comprehensive school other then the set texts but I do remember in the first year I was introduced to Point Horror series.  My sister and I were spending the day with our older cousin and we were given £2.50 each to spend. I bought the book  lifeguard. My sister didn’t want a book and went to Woolworths where she picked a toy that was twice the price. So my cousin relented & bought it for her, in which I got another £2.50 and bought the book Funhouse. I think we ended up with 12 books and they’re stashed away in my Sister’s bedroom.

The next time I actually remember reading fiction again was when I was staying at my Aunt’s in Norwich in 2001 and there my love of Harry Potter books began. I was reading it as a bedtime story to my cosuins and fell in love with the story. And then the films began and they filmed in Durham Cathedral (A beautiful place). After that I left uni and ended up living in a caravan for a bit because we couldn’t find a place to rent. Because it was in Panal and we had a 30 min commute to Leeds, plus I was getting bored on my days off I went into a charity shop where I found Pride and Prejudice for 30p!!! and there I fell in love with Mr Darcy and then Colin Firth!!

In the last two years I lost the ability to read. Kept trying and ended up just not taking it in. I can’t remember when  my friend Darren introduced me to the John Connolly books, but I’m glad he did.  John Connolly’s work is just amazing and it’s one of the few Author’s who’s work I can get lost in.  I think it was Darren who suggested to find out about bookclubs and it just so happened that I went to a world book night at The White Swan Leeds that it all began, and I haven’t looked back!. I don’t read all of them, because they either don;t interest me or once I forgot to. But it gets me reading and the best bit is getting the chance to discuss it with other people. The group at the White Swan are an amazing bunch so I highly recommend to anyone to find a bookclub and get discussing!!

Lastly the reason why I wanted to write this is because books are an amazing piece of technology, the printed word is such a gift and beautiful to look at. and the fact we can get lost in another world within seconds is just amazing! so we must cherish this gift of reading and the printed word and the fantastic work that these author’s do, otherwise we might just get stuck with soapland. ick!

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