Meeting a famous person

Meeting a famous person

(from July & September 2012)

20 July 2012 at 17:56
Today I went to The Old Swan in Harrrogate to hear John Connolly give a talk about his latest book and other things. and wow, just wow. I was 4 rows back and just sat in awe. I think I’m in love. I thank Darren for introducing me to Mr Connolly’s books because they are amazing. I’m a bit behind on the Parker novels, but I’ve read some of his other books to. The Gates and Hellsbells. Hellsbells been one of the funniest ones with the elves in the icecream truck.

Today’s talk was amazing. I was in the fourth row from the front!!! I love the fact he referred to author’s as vampires. that his best death in his books is in Bad Men to do with the annoyance of a mobile phone. how he, after writing so many books does not take his success for granted and thinks its still going to all fall apart. we forget successful people I just one of us.

I took along two books to see if I could get them signed. I took Darren’s and my copy of The Black Angel. I wasn’t sure whether to take this or The Book of Lost things as firstly I didn’t no what he would think as it’s not a Charlie parker novel and secondly I thought three was to greedy. But it turns out I should have taken because not only did a guy take along at least 6 books to sign, Mark Billingham highly praised the book, and I found out the book is loosely based on John him self and how he loved books as a kid and used to find a spot in his house amongst all the books in an escape from all the adults in the house (I think that’s right, don’t quote me too much excitement and caffiene today 🙂 )

Then after the talk John was book-signing. there is a Waterstones in a hotel, how amazing is that!!!!! I only had to wait 15mins and then as I stepped up I just babbled something and then asked for a photo taken and the funniest thing is it went wrong when the professional photographer couldn’t work my camera as the dial seemed to have got knocked, I went bright pink and John was so sweet about it.

I can’t wait to see where his tour of his next book is as I might go to that and get the other book signed as well. o

And I did. On 13th September John Connolly was doing a book tour signing along with Declan Burke the book he co-wrote about crime books and obviously the latest Charlie Parker novel. I was so gutted I didn’t take ‘The Book of Lost Things’ along to The Harrogate one but it didn’t feel right as I hadn’t read it. Then I found out this was happening in Leeds, so I ordered the new book off Amazon and took both along. When it was my turn to step up I told him how amaizng the book was and again babbled something else.  It wouldn’t have mattered as I doubt he remembered me (which was good). But because I told him how much I loved this book he seemed very touched and pulled out postcards to do with the book as a freebie and they’re amazing! So my mission this year is to complete my collection and before the end of the year read another Charlie Parker novel!!!


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