20 things for 2013. :D

As I was writing my post this morning this one popped up http://hemingwayrun.wordpress.com/2012/10/13/2013-in-2013/

So I decided to sort out what I wanted to do next year.  Some I’ve pinched from other sites but it’s things I’ve never done and would be interested in doing.

1.No more injuries and knee to fully heel

2. Successfully win a place in the Great North Run and do it in under 2hours and 30mins

3.Enter the York 10k for the third time and beat PB without injury

4. Become debt free. (may require a small miracle)

5. Read at least 4 books a month, and at least one of them has to be a classic. Then write a review.

6. Be able to own a car again & just go visiting people and places at a drop of a hat 🙂

7. Embrace single life

8. Make someone smile at least once a day

9. Have a holiday in UK on my own without visiting friends and family

10. Get a passport and go travelling. See the sights. See Ireland, Paris & Italy & possibly Austrailia. Maybe needing a kindle by then (cringes)

11. Get a psychic reading done

12. Send a message in a bottle

13. Go on a Ghost walk/tour

14. Oh this is linked to no.10 Go to Disney world and get a kiss off Mickey Mouse

15. Go to the birthplace of Ikea – again linked to 10

16. Let my family & friends know how much they mean to me

17. Go to the Harry Potter Theme park

18. Eat a deep fried mars bar

19. Say ‘No’ and don’t feel bad about it

20. Be as happy as I can be


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