365 Day Blog challenge Day 48: 31 Days of Self-Love: Day 17 #365daychallenge

When was the last time you indulged yourself and how?

Fish and chips on Valentine’s day 3 days ago then regretted it for the amount I ate 😀

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365 Day Blog challenge Day 47: 31 Days of Self-Love: Day 16 #365daychallenge

What is the most loving thing you’ve ever done for yourself ?

I’m actually stuck on this, but I suppose taking myself to the doctors to try sort out my periods so they’re less painful, asking for help when the depression got bad and for pushing myself to eat better when the vitamin D deficiency got really bad that it actually scared me.  For trying to get healthier last year and almost succeeding.

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365 Day Blog challenge Day 46: 31 Days of Self-Love: Day 15 #365daychallenge

What are you afraid to ask for?

What do you need to speak up about?

I’ve always been afraid to ask for help. In the last two years or so I’ve left it until breaking point and then asked for help, mainly money wise and it’s been granted. I am so lucky as I could have been up shit creek without a paddle and be wading in mud.

I think I just want someone to take the reins for a while. I don’t seem to be coping very well and going over and over the same thoughts and making the same mistakes. It’s like 2 steps forward 10 back. I’m trying to focus more on me and I feel so guilty about it. I want to be able to do more but at the moment I need to take a step back to get my strength back.

This month I’ve found being in crowds really scary. I was never like this but now I tend to freak out when too many people get too close. Perhaps what I’m trying to say is, I need a little help to get back out of the comfort zone I’ve built for myself and I’m not sure how to do it. So to my family and friends, please be patient with me while I try to find my way back and to be a stronger, fitter, happier me, as at the moment I just want to hide from the world but I can’t as there are still bills to pay and I so desperately want to go on a mini break and explore something different, and to go to Harry Potter studios at some point this year.

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Happy Valentine’s Day 2016

Hello from me to you


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone whether you have someone special or are single everyone deserves to enjoy the day. As for me, I planned on a pj day of doing nothing and sitting on the sofa, and perhaps reading. Instead I woke up at 10am after 12 hours of sleep, made pnackes from a ready-mix box, went for a walk, cleaned the house, did three loads of washing, fixed the lock on the gate and took the rubbish out, oh and cooked a Sunday lunch, mince and gravy, veg and yorkshire puddings.

On tv this afternoon the famous BBC Pride and Prejudice has been on and in between watching that and pottering about I have had an amazing day. I actually feel quite good about things. I’ve not felt like this in a long time. Perhaps it’s because i cleared the air with someone yesterday, or had natural vitamin d on…

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365 Day Blog challenge Day 45 part 2: Valentine’s Day #365daychallenge

Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re lucky enough to have someone or have just met someone or more importantly you’re single and loving life and are you own valentine make sure you celebrate, and don’t forget to celebrate the rest of the year to.

The origins of Valentine’s Day can be found here


‘You know when I said I knew little about love? That wasn’t true. I know a lot about love. I’ve seen it, centuries and centuries of it, and it was the only thing that made watching your world bearable. All those wars. Pain, lies, hate… It made me want to turn away and never look down again. But when I see the way that mankind loves… You could search to the furthest reaches of the universe and never find anything more beautiful. So yes, I know that love is unconditional. But I also know that it can be unpredictable, unexpected, uncontrollable, unbearable and strangely easy to mistake for loathing, and… What I’m trying to say, Tristan is… I think I love you. Is this love, Tristan? I never imagined I’d know it for myself. My heart… It feels like my chest can barely contain it. Like it’s trying to escape because it doesn’t belong to me any more. It belongs to you. And if you wanted it, I’d wish for nothing in exchange – no gifts. No goods. No demonstrations of devotion. Nothing but knowing you loved me too. Just your heart, in exchange for mine.’

Yvaine:   from Stardust (film)


Roses are red violets are blue, brown is the color of elephant poo.

And thank you to the internet for a fabulous source of information.

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365 Day Blog challenge Day 45: 31 Days of Self-Love: Day 14 #365daychallenge

What would your younger self be proud of you for today?

*For getting through University, school told me I wouldn’t get far and I managed to do it but looking back on it, part of me wish I hadn’t done it as I struggled and didn’t feel like I fitted, I also wish I had gone abroad when I had the chance and I wish I had sought help with depression etc. But it was the choice I made at the time and it seemed right and now I have letters after my name and I’ve come to love a city I’ve lived in for nearly half my life.

*For trying to sort my health even when at times just wanted to hide away from everyone.

*For running  a house on my own.

*Getting back in touch with family.

*For running/managing a business for 8 years (not mine)

*For sticking to running and getting an amazing time in the Great North Run, I still can’t believe after watching it for years on TV I actually did it.

*Volunteering at parkrun

*For passing my driving test first time or simply just for taking lessons.

*For always wanting to learn new things and wanting to learn to write which lead to the local radio station and recording and editing shows. So proud of that.

*For going to book club, not knowing anyone and eventually running a few meetings.

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365 Day Blog challenge Day 44: 31 Days of Self-Love: Day 13 #365daychallenge

Take a selfie just as you are. Find one thing you love about it.


Only thingt I can think of is my hair. I’ve loved having it short. I first just had straight fringe until someone said a side flick would be better. Best bit is if I want to style it it doesn’t take long.

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World Mental Health Day- My story

Hello from me to you

World Mental Health Day, hosted by the World Federation of Mental Health, is on 10 October each year. To help mark the occasion, we’re raising awareness of what can be done to ensure that people with mental health problems can live with dignity.

The problem

One in four adults and one in ten children are likely to have a mental health problem in any given year. This can have a profound impact on the lives of tens of millions of people in the UK, and can affect their ability to sustain relationships, work, or just get through the day.


My story

11224775_1032042500171777_8473539967728240515_n How I feel 90% of the time

I’ve had depression or a form of it for as long as I remember, I’ve just never admitted it. I’ve grown up with a negative parent and carried that on through into my adult life. Now at 37 a few job…

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365 Day Blog challenge Day 43: 31 Days of Self-Love: Day 12 #365daychallenge

What things make you feel happy to be alive?

I’m not quite sure at the moment. Things have been a bit tough recently, but the one thing that pops in to my head is my support network. The last few years I’ve reconnected with family that I’ve not seen in years due to my Dad cutting us off from them, I don’t know the full truth but I was lead to believe it was over something really petty. Anyway that’s all done with and last year I got to do the Great North Run with two of my cousins and had an amazing time.

Also with living in Leeds away from my family, who are in county Durham and then I have Aunts, Uncles and cousins in Norfolk, I have a second family (friends that I’ve known for years) in Leeds and last year when I took ill they all came together to look after me and get me back on my feet.

I also love the fact that Leeds has so much to give and we have access to both the countryside and seaside by just hopping on a bus or train.

I just wish I could be happy with how my life has turned out. I was always lead to belive you had only made it in life if you had a career, a house, a husband and kids. I have the house and a job but sadly not the rest. So I’m not sure whether I’ve made it or not. But being single and having a great support group, makes me feel that I am loved even when I don’t love myself.

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My week as @PeopleofLeeds

Find me on Twitter this week taking over an account all about Leeds

Hello from me to you

This is what it is about: http://peopleofleeds.blogspot.co.uk/

‘Who We Are

‘We are the People of Leeds. All kinds of people, from all over Leeds, coming together on one Twitter account. Based on the amazing @sweden Twitter account, we’re handing the reins of our Twitter account over to the people of Leeds. Each Monday a new person will take the account for a week, bringing you a unique snapshot of living, working and playing in Leeds.’
It started with a Tweet!
About a couple of months ago after talking about Twitter and doing things for the radio, I decided I wanted to do this. No idea why. so I got in touch with Kirsty who runs it and asked if I could do it. I think influentially it was to be late September but it had been popular and decided on Halloween week, not realising I had 12 days off two…

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